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Chronic Female Pelvic Pain - What Happens

Chronic Female Pelvic Pain - What Happens
Experts have yet to understand all possible causes of female pelvic pain, particularly when it has become chronic. For this reason, the cause of pelvic pain sometimes remains unknown, even after a lot of testing.
This does not mean that there is no cause behind the pain. Fortunately, even without knowing the cause, there is available treatment for relieving the pain.

Because female pelvic pain can be caused by one or more conditions, its course can have just as many variations.

When a cause is readily diagnosed and treated, such as an ovarian cyst, pain is most likely to be reversed.
For pain that is hard to diagnose, your doctor can do a number of tests to rule out various medical conditions. Your doctor may also try certain treatments to see whether they work, which can also help with diagnosis.
When a diagnosed cause is hard to treat, such as endometriosis, your pain may have an unpredictable course.
For pain that is undiagnosed after a lot of testing, you and your doctor can consider several types of pain relief options that are known to help relieve chronic pain.
Chronic pain

In some cases, pain that lasts 4 to 6 months can become chronic pain, which is a medical condition in itself. Even after the cause of pain has been treated, the affected nerves don't stop transmitting pain signals. This is called neuropathic pain, a type of chronic pain. When chronic pain has set in, it's possible that treatment will manage the pain yet not cure it.

About half of women with chronic pelvic pain report a history of sexual or physical abuse.1 Although it is not well understood, past or current abuse is strongly linked to chronic pelvic pain. If you have a history of abuse, counseling is recommended as part of your pain treatment plan.