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Treating Chronic Pain With Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Treating Chronic Pain With Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Chronic pain, whether due to an injury, surgery, repetitive motion, or a medical condition such as arthritis, can make life difficult by limiting your physical body as well as your overall well-being and emotional outlook. Chronic pain is not limited to any group of people and can affect anyone, anytime. Having chronic pain can lead to job related and relationship stress, extra healthcare costs, missed work days, difficulty sleeping, increased irritability, and the inability to enjoy physical activities such as sports. How can acupuncture, herbal therapy, and Chinese medicine help with chronic pain and all of the associated symptoms?
Acupuncture can address the pain directly. No matter where on the body you are experiencing pain, there are acupuncture points that can help decrease the pain. Pain, in Chinese medicine, is unbalanced and stagnant Qi (energy). Using acupuncture will:

o Promote healthy blood circulation in the injured area
o Increase the body's immune system response to the affected area
o Decrease inflammation in the tissues
o Improve the flow of Qi to the affected area
o Decrease the pain signals sent to the brain so you can relax easier
o Decrease swelling in the affected area
o Decrease spasms that can cause pain

Acupuncture can treat any symptoms associated with chronic pain. In addition to treating the pain directly, treatments can also include acupuncture points to help with:

o Sleeplessness or insomnia caused by the pain
o Emotional changes, such as irritability, anger, or frustration caused by chronic pain
o Improving your overall outlook about your condition
o Decreasing fatigue caused by the pain
o Improving muscle and motor function that may have been lost
o Restoring digestive functions which may have been affected
o Restoring any decreased immune system function
o Decreasing the side effects from long term medication use

Herbal therapy can increase the therapeutic effects. Chinese herbs may come in the form of liniments (oils) that can be massaged into a painful area, or a customized herbal formula that you drink as a tea. Both of these can continue the healing process after an acupuncture treatment.

Chronic pain can take a toll on your body, mind, and your emotions, making life very challenging and limiting. Acupuncture and herbal therapy can help restore the balance of your Qi, treat any associated symptoms, decrease the source of the pain, and allow you to return to the pain free life you desire.