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Chancroid Diagnosis

Chancroid Diagnosis
Chancroid is a contagious STD (sexually transmitted disease) which is more prevalent in developing countries. Chancroid diagnosis will be our subject of discussion in this article.Chancroid is one of the highly contagious diseases caused by a gram negative bacterium - Haemophilus ducreyi. This genital ulcerative disease is more prevalent in the developing nations of Asia, Africa and Caribbean. Approximately, 6 million people fall prey to this painful sexually transmitted disease (STD). Chancroid affects men (sexually active and aged above 30) more than women. People get infected with chancroid due to direct sexual contact with an infected person. Even rubbing, scratching on minor abrasions can lead to a contagion of this disease. This disease apparently is an aggravating factor that promotes spread of HIV AIDS. To know about chancroid diagnosis and treatments, keep reading...