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STD: Symptoms of STDs

STD: Symptoms of STDs
There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases which may or may not exhibit STD symptoms. If you think you may have one, read about STD symptoms in this article and go get yourself tested.Sexually transmitted diseases are rapidly on the rise. Unprotected sex is a major reason for this. STDs are bacterial, viral or fungal infections that affect men and women, and may or may not show any easily distinguishable signs or symptoms. But if you have a doubt, then it is better to get an expert's opinion before deciding for yourself. Given below are some STDs and STD symptoms that you can read about.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Read about different sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and what are the STD signs and symptoms that they may have.

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection. It is caused by the bacteria named Neisseria Gonorrheae. It can be transmitted only through sexual contact because this bacteria can survive in the air only for a few seconds. It can affect both men and women during oral, vaginal or anal sex. The STD symptoms in men having gonorrhea are as follows.
Men Women
Discharge from the penis - white/yellow Discharge from the vagina - white/yellow/green
Experiencing a burning sensation during urination Experiencing pain or burning during urination
Anal discharge/irritation Anal discharge/irritation
Blood being discharged from the penis Severe pain during intercourse

Chlamydia is another sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is caused due to bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. Not all people experience the symptoms for the STD Chlamydia. Though it is a curable STD, it becomes difficult to gauge if the person actually has it or not because it has very vague symptoms of an STD. When they occur, they are as follows,
Men Women
Discharge from the penis - white and waterish Discharge from the vagina - mucus like
Experiencing a burning sensation during urination Experiencing pain in the abdomen
Red/sore tip of penis Bleeding even when not menstruating
Itching, burning of testicles Pain/burning during urination

Syphilis is another infectious disease which is caused by a bacteria. This bacteria is called Treponema pallidium. It progresses slowly and hence is slightly difficult to diagnose. It has stages in which it evolves and the initial stages are very infectious, and if diagnosed should be treated at once to avoid further infections to others. These are the STD symptoms in women and men for syphilis.

First stage
Men Women
Painless ulcers on the penis Painless ulcers on the vulva and cervix
Chancres near mouth and anus Chancres near mouth and anus

Second Stage
Men Women
Rash on skin in the palms and under feet Rash on skin in the palms and under feet
Swelling up of the lymph node Nose, mouth and vagina develop white patches
Mouth, nose and genitals develop sores Patchy hair loss

Tertiary Stage
Men Women
Pain in bones and unhealed ulcers Large nodules (gumma) sprout up in the body
Liver disease and anemia Heart problems and possible brain infection
Nervous disorders Eyes and eras get affected, can lead to deafness.

*The tertiary stage is not the third stage in syphilis. A latent stage comes between the second and tertiary stages, which exhibits no STD symptoms.

HIV-AIDS is the most serious of all the STDs, not just because it is incurable and fatal, but because the STD symptoms of this STI do not manifest themselves until a long time has passed, by which time the virus that causes it, spreads throughout the body of the person. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a deadly virus that will break down the immune system of the person it enters. It spreads rapidly, and a major method of entering one's body is through the fluids released during sexual intercourse. It has the following STD symptoms in both men and women.
Weight loss
Regular headaches
Being out of breath
Severe diarrhea
Recurring night sweats
Spots and marks on face, around the mouth
Swelling up of lymph glands
These were STD symptoms of some common STIs. If you think you have any of these symptoms for STD, visit a doctor immediately. And if you're diagnosed with any, make it a point to inform your partner, so that he/she can get tested for the infection too. However cliché this may sound, prevention IS better than cure, so do not engage in unprotected sex. The number of people falling prey to STDs is increasing and you can do your bit for your own sexual health by taking simple precautionary measures.