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Brownish Discharge Before Period

Brownish Discharge Before Period
Symptoms like brownish discharge before period can trigger a sense of alarm among most women. But what exactly causes brownish discharge before period? Read on to know more about this unusual brown discharge.During menstruation several women suffer from physical discomforts like abdominal pain, mood swings and cramps. The menstrual bleeding duration of 4-7 days can be frustrating enough and can hamper the regular activities. Some women also experience light brownish discharge before period, which can sometimes be very annoying. Before the onset of menstruation or period, as it is commonly known, some women get a vaginal discharge, that is similar to the menstrual flow. The only difference is that this discharge is light brownish or brown in color unlike the normal bright red color of the menstrual fluid. Normally this brownish discharge occurs a week before the period begins, but is can also occur in between the menstrual cycle. Most often, brownish vaginal discharge carries the old endometrial tissues which are expelled out of the uterus. If the period is delayed, some women notice a brown discharge instead of the regular red discharge. Let's read more about brownish discharge before period and what causes it. Read more on brown discharge before period.

Causes of Brownish Discharge Before Period

There are many causes of brownish discharge before period, one of them being a delay in the regular menstrual cycle. Given below are some of the causes of brownish (or brown) discharge before period;
The menstrual fluid consists of old blood, nutrients and a layer of the endometrium. In some cases, only the layer of endometrium gets discharged from the vagina, which is brown in color. This is one of the reasons why some women experience brownish discharge before their periods.
Taking contraceptive or birth control pills can alter with the proper functioning of the two main female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Contraceptive pills have the ability to affect the production of hormones in the body, especially during menstruation and pregnancy. These pills also change the level of the hormones. If these pills are discontinued or if a woman fails to take these pills according to the prescription, then she may experience brownish discharge before period on birth control.
One of the earliest signs that a woman is pregnant is implantation bleeding, which is also known as implantation spotting. The signs of bleeding during implantation occurs when the fetus implants on the inner lining of the uterus called the endometrial lining and causes a rupture in the lining, leading to implantation spotting which is pink or brownish in color. Implantation bleeding occurs for about 2-3 days, and is noticed after ovulation or before the next period.
Another reason for the occurrence of brownish discharge before period is due to the presence of polyps. Polyps, also referred to as tumors, are abnormal outgrowths, in the uterus and are benign in nature. Bleeding in the uterus due to the polyps causes a brownish discharge.
Treatment for Brownish Discharge Before Period

As brownish discharge before period can be caused due to various reasons, there are different methods for treating it. If you experience brownish discharge, then it is advisable to consult a gynecologist, who may diagnose the exact cause and prescribe the required medications. You may also have to undergo pap smear testing in order to check for the presence of polyps or other abnormal outgrowths inside the uterus. The growth of these polyps can be inhibited with the help of certain medications, but in rare cases a surgery may be an option. If you are on contraceptive pills and experience brownish discharge, then the doctor may advice you to switch brands or prescribe pills that are suitable to your body.

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Though brownish discharge before period does not lead to complications, it is necessary to stay healthy and practice a healthy lifestyle in order to alleviate problems related to the menstrual cycle.