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Spotting on Birth Control

Spotting on Birth Control
A lot of women suffer from spotting on birth control. There are various reasons for the same. In this write up, we will read in detail about birth control spotting...Spotting between menstrual cycle is, for most women, a frightening experience. There are many causes of spotting between menstrual cycle. The most common causes include hormonal fluctuations, stress, implantation bleeding, low thyroid levels, etc. Some women may also suffer from spotting during ovulation. Ovulation spotting is a normal condition, which is seen a lot of women. There are many women who do suffer from birth control spotting, which is also known as ‘break through bleeding’. Spotting on birth control may be caused due to reasons other than mentioned in the list above. Let’s take a look at the cause of spotting on birth control before period as well as after period.

Causes of Spotting on Birth Control

It is not uncommon when women experience spotting while on birth control pills. Before we see the causes, it is important to understand the term spotting. When there is light bleeding, either before the periods or after the periods, it is known as spotting. The color of spotting often varies from light pink to light brown. This spotting does not occur on the normal period cycle. The reasons of spotting on birth control after period or before period are as follows.

Use of New Pills
Numerous women do suffer from spotting when they start using new birth control pills. This kind of spotting is often seen around the first six months of starting with the oral contraceptives. This condition is resultant of the constant hammering of hormones in the contraceptives. The body takes it time to adjust to hormone overdose. Therefore, before stopping birth control pills you are currently on and starting with new ones, it is important to consult your health care professional about the same.

Estrogen Only Pills
Very often when the oral contraceptive is an estrogen only pill, then birth control spotting is seen. When the pill is an estrogen only pill, it will lead to a drop in the progesterone levels in the body. At such times, spotting will be seen a few days before the periods. Therefore, health care professionals may recommend switching birth control pills. It is important to note that switching should be done after consultation with your health care professional.

Hormonal Imbalance
Among the side effects of birth control pills is hormonal imbalance. All the oral contraceptives are high on hormones, which leads to hormone imbalance. When the pills are missed, it leads to drop in the hormones and in turn spotting on birth control. In some cases, changing the oral contraceptives may help in treating the condition.

Missing Pills
There may hardly be a woman who has not missed her pills. Missing pills causes hormone imbalance in the body, which in turn leads to spotting. Hence, it is recommended that the pills be taken everyday at the same time.

Use of Wrong Birth Control Pills
There can be instances when the oral contraceptives prescribed are not the right ones for you. Hence, additional measures may have to be implemented for birth control. For such cases, the pills with right dosages will be prescribed. Depending on the condition, higher or lower dosage will be prescribed, which can cause spotting.

Sexually Transmitted Disease
Among the causes of spotting on birth control, sexually transmitted disease (STD) is one of the cause. If you are of the opinion, that you may have been exposed to it, then it is better to have yourself examined for the same.

It is important to note that getting off birth control without medical supervision is not recommended. There are many side effects of stopping birth control on your own, which you may want to avoid. A lot of health care professionals are of the opinion, that if a woman experiences spotting on birth control during three continuous cycles, then changing the pill is the best option. Hence, it is important to keep a track of menstrual cycle, along with the number of pills missed, so that it will be of help in identifying the exact cause of the problem.