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Priapism: Treatment

Priapism: Treatment
t is also important to get an idea of how long the erections normally last and if there has been associated trauma. Following a medical history, a careful physical examination should reveal a hard penis with a soft glans.
It is also important to check the rectum and the abdomen for evidence of unusual cancers and the other causes of priapism.

If a patient gets treatment within four to six hours, the erection can almost always be reduced with medication. The first step for the patient with priapism of less than four hours duration is the use of decongestant medication. These medications include drugs such as pseudoephedrine and terbutaline, which may act to decrease blood flow to the penis and is very successful in early cases.

If the erection does not respond, then aspiration is done. The longer the condition goes without treatment, the worse the prognosis.

Once the blood-gas measurement has been performed and priapism is determined to be ischemic, or that in fact the penis has very poor blood flow, then the old blood is evaluated by aspirating through a small needle placed directly in a corporal body. This is done by first cleansing the area, then infiltrating the local anesthetic over the skin of the penis and placing the needle. 50-to 150cc of old blood is withdrawn. This allows the engorged penis to become flaccid.