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Priapism: Types

Priapism: Types
Once a diagnosis is made, it is extremely important to get prompt treatment. The diagnosis is not difficult. It
is a painful erection unrelated to sexual stimulation. One of the key factors in the examination is that the glans is not tumescent, or swollen.
Once priapism and its source have been identified, it is categorized into two major types:

Low-flow priapism or ischemic, which means that little or no blood flow is getting to the penis and this lack can cause damage

High-flow priapism, which is the result of trauma to the penis. In this case, there is actually a large amount of blood flow to the penis.

The first step after the careful history and physical examination is to obtain a blood-gas measurement of the blood from the penis. This provides a clue as to how long the condition has been present and how much damage has occurred. A small needle is placed in the penis; some of the blood is aspirated and then sent to a lab for determination. This will also help categorize whether the cause of the priapism is low flow or high flow.