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Priapism: Causes

Priapism: Causes
Children with priapism are typically those who have leukemia. In this situation, the white blood cells occlude, or block the outflow of blood from the penis causing priapism.
Children with sickle-cell disease can be afflicted with priapism. In this situation, the penis receives low oxygen, and therefore, the blood sickles and prevents outflow because of sludging.

Other rare causes of priapism in childhood include trauma, either to the penis or to the area underneath the penis known as the perineum. Additionally, spinal cord injuries can cause priapism. Extremely rare causes of priapism include drug side effects, but typically these drugs are not used in children. In adults, priapism either has a known cause or an unknown cause, in which case it is idiopathic, or has no identifiable cause.

Typical causes in adults include sickle-cell disease, which accounts for almost a third of all cases. It is reported that 42 percent of all sickle-cell adults and 64 percent of all sickle-cell children will eventually develop priapism.

The most common cause of priapism is pharmacological injection therapy, which far out shadows all currently known causes.

Drug-related priapism includes those drug used to treat psychotic type illness, including Thorazine and chlorpromazine. Other more uncommon drugs include those used to treat high-blood pressure such as prazosin.

Rare causes may also be related to cancers that can infiltrate the penis and prevent the outflow of blood.