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PriapismProtracted pathological erection in default of libido and not ceasing after sexual intercourse. Etiologic moments can be different sexual excesses, inflammatory processes or tumours in sexual glands and penis, diseases of the central nervous system and spinal cord, alcoholism. At priapism sexual intercourse is not accompanied by an orgasm. Sharp priapism begins suddenly, more often in sleep, lasts from a few hours to 3-4 weeks. Priapism it is necessary to distinguish, at that it is stored and a libido is sharply enhanceable, sexual intercourse is accompanied by an orgasm. Setting of balanus very painfully, therefore for 10-15 mines to him a patient must inject a 1 ml of 1% solution of Morphinum. 0,25-0,5% enter with the purpose of the local anaesthetizing, solution of Novocain at the root of penis.
Entering Novocain in the area of restriction is not necessary, because it increases the edema of fabrics. If setting of balanus was not succeeded, then it is not necessary to undertake a retest. In this case sick quickly hospitalize in an urology separation for the section of hurting ring or his moving away - cutting. Setting of paraphimosis is contra-indicated, if in area of hurting ring necrosis came. At priapism help consists in setting of cool hip-baths and introduction of spasmolysants and acesodynes (analgin for 0,5). Medicare consists in the removal of pain by introduction of a 1 ml of 1% solution of Morphinum or 1 ml of 2% solution of misdelivering hypodermic. Patients with the inflammatory processes of urethra are in pain mainly at urination and during sexual excitation. In most cases there are excretions of festering character from an urethra. In the case when a stone got down from overhead urinary ways and stuck in opening of urethra, a patient is in sudden pain. She shows up during urination, when a stone passes together with the stream of urine in a urethra.
Simultaneously with the origin of pain the stream of urine is interrupted. Conservative treatment is usually uneffective, in this connection patient with priapism it is necessary quickly to hospitalize for operative treatment are through a balanus by the thick needles of both bodies in a hope on by-passing or anastomosis. Palpation of urethra gives an opportunity to define localization and sizes of stone usually. For men to the bowl all he is stopped at a navicula. Pain at abscesses is localized according to their location. Patients with stones of urethra are hospitalized in an urology separation, where produce the instrumental or operative moving away of stone.