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How To Treat Priapism, A Serious Medical Problem

How To Treat Priapism, A Serious Medical Problem
Do not ever laugh or shrug off what medical bottles or boxes give you as side effects or warnings. All of the side effects and warnings are put on the medication for a purpose. Priapism is a topic we all laugh or giggle about but it is a very serious emergency problemWarnings
You can have an erection for four hours plus without sexual stimulation!
Condition called priapism

The etymology of the word comes from Priapus, the Greek male fertility god. This condition is when the blood vessels which cause the flow of blood out of the penis contract, trapping the blood. The trapped blood causes an erection which is extremely painful. This condition can occur in all age groups, including newborns. Underlying conditions which can contribute to priapism are as follows:

Sickle cell anemia. Most are adult cases. Approximately 42% of all adults with this disease will develop priapism.
Multiple sclerosis or other nervous system diseases.
Diabetes or other metabolic diseases.
Drug side effects. The drugs most often involved are certain psychiatric drugs such as Desyrel, Prozac, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Valium, Thorazine and the blood thinner Coumadin.
Medications taken orally to manage erectile dysfunction. We have all heard of Viagra and Levitra and Cialis.