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Peyronie's disease

Peyronie's diseaseMostly men suffer illness of Peyronie in age 40-60. Etiology and pathogeny of the real disease in a great deal are not yet clear. Presently a large value is spared to the microtraumas of albumen shell. It is assumed that hemorrhages in her, arising up because of breaks of thin blood vessels, in subsequent fibrotic regenerate with the deposit of salts of calcium. Histogenesis, the clinical displays of induration of penis have a lot in common with the pathological processes related to the group of collagenosess. For illness of Peyronie formation of dense name-plates is characteristic in the albumen shell bodies that result in the origin of sickly erections, curvature of penis at erection, reduction that results in sexual dissatisfaction and deep psychological trauma. Innate curvature of penis - illness of Peyronie is examined as a disease, the traumatic act part in development of that, and inflammatory, genetic and immunological factors.
Surgical treatment of illness of Peyronie is used in those cases, when: duration of disease no less than 1, activity of inflammatory process must be a steady-state on an extent no less than three months, presence of difficulties at the attempt of realization of sexual intercourse. The method of surgical treatment of patients with illness of Peyronie consists in the plastic arts of albumen shell the vascularized area of large saphena. Advantages of this method consist in that a shred is vascularized and due to it saved normal blood supply in the zone of shelter of defect of albumen shell. It allows to avoid a sclerosis or tearing away of shred in a remote postoperative period, and, the same, to erectile deformation and disfunction.
On the other hand is deprived proinflammatory and properties inherent to synthetic materials. Thus, methodology allows attaining a good cosmetic result and avoiding development of the repeated chordee in remote terms. Access is conduct the skeletization of penis, the area of fibrosis of albumen shell is distinguished. Excision of fibrotic name-plate is further produced within the limits of healthy fabrics. The area of overhead one third of large saphena, sufficient for his rotary press and shelter of defect of albumen shell, is then distinguished. Vienna is chopped off distally, after conducted under the skin of penis. The defect of albumen shell is closed by the area of vein, being situated inward. The edges of shred and albumen shell are sewn together by a filament. An operation ends with cutting of penis or a prepuce is saved at will of patient.