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Peyronie's Disease Treatment - 4 Methods to Treat This Problem

Peyronie's Disease Treatment - 4 Methods to Treat This Problem
Peyronie's disease is an accumulation of fibrous tissues on the part of the penis known as the tunica albuginea that solidifies into a hard plaque around the middle of it. This often results in a curve of the penis of up to 30% making sex very painful and if left untreated the possibility of a man becoming impotent.
4 Possible Solutions for peyronie's disease treatment are:

1. Prosthetic Implants

Here, semi-rigid silastic cylinders are placed into the corpora cavernosa part of the penis. Very painful but giving a straight penis - if you can stand the pain!

2. Plication Process

A simple solution to peyronie's disease treatment of shortening the longer side of the penis to make it the same size as the one with the curve.

This procedure does work but sadly will shorten the penis when erect.

3. Excision Grafting Procedures

Using graft type material a surgeon will cut the lump of the plaque build up and try to straighten out the penis by reconstructing the defect.

This initially has a perk of increasing the penis length; however in time, due to a diminishing blood supply, the graft will contract and may become deformed. It can also cause impotency.

4. Traction Device

Wearing a type 1 medically approved penis traction device for 2/3 hours per day will help to correct the curvature by 70%. Although not as instant as the above methods the advantages this natural method holds are ones of safety and no-risk. Most sensible men would choose a method that didn't give a chance to deformity and impotency and a potential loss in penis length.

It can be seen above that by opting to go with surgery the chances of causing long lasting damage to your penis and causing great pain to yourself are very much possible. If you were to choose a natural method however, the only loss would be time.

The very thought of putting a knife near a man's penis for peyronie's disease treatment would probably make most men cower away from trying to fix their bent penis condition. But if they considered looking at the more natural method of a traction device they might be convinced to do something about it.