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Peyronie’s Disease – Surgery and Research

Peyronie’s Disease – Surgery and Research
As mentioned in the previous articles, Peyronie’s disease does not have a known cure as the exact cause and development of this disease is unknown. It has been stated that the number of people suffering from this abnormality has increased in the last few years. The disease is not contagious despite which more men are reporting fibrotic growth, leading to this condition. The only cure that has helped men rid themselves of this disease and regain their ability to have an intercourse is surgery.
Surgical procedure for Peyronie’s disease
Surgical procedures have given results that are encouraging. With improvement in the biotechnological world, the success rate has been good. Currently there are two procedures being used with varying degree of success:

Basic surgery for Peyronie’s:

This procedure involves removing or cutting of the plaque. In that place, a patch of skin, vein or material is made from animal organ. The purpose in not only to get rid of the plaque but also straighten the male reproductive organ, ensuring that the length is back to being as close to the initial length as possible. But the process can lead to nerve damage. As a result of which patients may feel numbness of penis and in some cases may suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Plication Surgery:

in case of placation, there will be removing or nipping away of a piece of tunica albuginea, from the opposite side of the penis that supports the plaque. Getting rid of the part can decrease the abnormal bending of the penis. The success rate of placation surgery is believed to be more than that of the other surgery as it does not damage the surrounding nerve. So the patient has less chances of complaining about numbness or erectile dysfunction. But unlike the previous surgery, this surgery does not restore the initial size of the male reproductive organ.

Implant a device:

there is a form of surgery in which the man can get a device implanted inside his organ. This is said to increase the rigidity of the part and may also be helpful in straightening it. To have a better result, the implant is usually done along with one of the two procedures mentioned above.

The success of these surgeries tends to differ though in most cases, they do tend to produce a positive result. However, none of them can offer 100 % relief from shortening of the male reproductive organ. Most doctors pick patients that have become sexually dysfunctional due to Peyronie’s disease. One of the main factor’s that is preventing doctors from restoring patients to normalcy after a severe case of Peyronie’s disease is the inability to know the exact cause of formation of fibrosis that leads to the development of plaque. In future there are chances of developing anti-fibrotic therapy that will help in controlling as well as treating Peyronie’s disease.