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Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypogonadism

Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypogonadism
After we have enlisted the symptoms of hypogonadism, it is now appropriate to discuss the diagnosis and the line of treatment for the condition. Blood tests are the diagnostic tools in order to measure the hormone levels. In men, the level of testosterone is measured to understand the severity of the condition on the other hand tests dedicated to measure follicle stimulating hormones are referred to as the indicator of hypogonadism in women. Hypogonadism can be a symptom or an indicator of another condition such as Turner's syndrome as well. Thus, tests that are related to probe into the fact of another medical issue are also taken into consideration.In women, hypogonadism can be treated through the administration of the sex hormone that is produced in the body. Estrogen production in the woman's body is lacking, hence the problem. To supplement the levels of estrogen deficit levels in the body, the hormone is administered in patch or pill form. In certain individual cases, women are also treated with the administration of estrogen and progesterone, while in some, testosterone is also administered to produce an increased amount of sex drive and thereby facilitate and stimulate the process of ovulation.

This was all about Hypogonadism, its symptoms in men, women and the treatment that is required to control the condition. If any hypogonadism symptom is diagnosed, you must garner an expert consult and get the condition checked. Do not neglect the symptoms, as they are prone to disturbing transformations.