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Male hypogonadism

Male hypogonadismHypogonadism (masculine) is the pathosis, conditioned by the insufficient secretion of androgens. Etiology of hypogonadism is an innate excalation of sexual glands, infectious, radial their toxic defeat, parafunction of the system. Pathogeny of hypogonadism is a decline of secretion of sexual hormones by testicles. At primary hypogonadism fabric is struck directly, at secondary - hypogonadism of sexual glands arises up because of defeat of the system with the decline of gonadotropic function of hypophysis. Symptoms and flow of hypogonadism: the clinical displays of hypogonadism depend on age, in that there was a disease, and degrees of androgenic insufficiency. At the defeat of testicles a typical syndrome develops to pubescence, marked high disproportionate height because of delay of ossification of epiphyseal zones of height, lengthening of extremities, excalation of thorax and humeral belt.
A skeletal musculature is developed poorly; a fatty hypoderm is up-diffused on a woman type. If the fall of function of testicles happened after pubescence, when sexual development and forming of the system are already complete, the symptoms of disease are expressed less than. Reduction of testicles, decline of person and body, thinning of skin and loss of her elasticity, development of obesity on a woman type, violation of sexual functions, sterility, vegetative-vascular disorders, is characteristic. Data of roentgenologic and laboratory research are used in diagnostics of hypogonadism. At hypogonadism developing to the period of pubescence, lag “of bone” age is marked from a passport on a few years. The table of contents is below than norm in blood of orchidic hormone. At primary hypogonadism is an increase of level in blood, at secondary is his decline, on occasion their maintenance can be within the limits of norm. An egestion with urine can be within the limits of norm or below her. At the analysis on occasion getting is not succeeded.
A prognosis for life is favourable. Disease chronic, in the process of treatment it is succeeded to decrease the symptoms of androgenic insufficiency. At secondary hypogonadism, except the symptoms of androgenic insufficiency, often there is obesity; symptoms are not uncommon of hypogonadism of other glands ductless - thyroid, bark of (result of fall of trope hormones of hypophysis). There can be a symptomatology. A libido and potency are absent. Masculine hypogonadism is conditioned by the insufficient secretion of orchidic hormone or absence of endogenous orchidic hormone that can arise up at many diseases related to pathology of ovaries (primary testicular insufficiency) or pathology in regulative centers. Secondary arises up because of gonadotropic insufficiency that can combine with insufficiency of other trope hormones of hypophysis.