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Hypogonadism Symptoms in Men

Hypogonadism Symptoms in Men
Male hypogonadism can be detected with the help of these symptoms.A decreased sexual drive in men is the first and foremost symptom of hypogonadism. Men with hypogonadism frequently complain of erections not being very strong and are unable to maintain the time period of erections. However, there are times when men do not have any troubles in dealing with their sexual performance, which further does not rule out the probability of male hypogonadism.
Plummeting levels of testosterone is another symptom of the hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Testosterone is the hormone that elevates the sex drive in men.
When men have decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, it could be a signal of hypogonadism. However, there are some cases where the sexual drive is not affected. Thus, the possibility of male hypogonadism should not be discarded.
Men with hypogonadism are not effectively motivated to workout. An effective metabolism is halted when fat increases and muscle mass is lost.
Hypogonadism symptoms in men include mood swings. Depression, irritability, getting annoyed easily, diminishing self esteem, nervousness, hot flushes are some of the symptoms that mark hypogonadism.
Mental capacity is affected for men with hypogonadism. Concentration levels drop and performance is hampered when diagnosed with hypogonadism.
The aging process in men appears to speed up when detected with hypogonadism. They look and feel old marked by decreased vitality and strength.
Body hair is lost when testosterone is not produced in adequate quantities in the system. The chest, pubic area and the armpits are devoid of hair, resulting in hypogonadism.
Skin becomes dry, flaky and coarse with wrinkles when hypogonadism strikes.