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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?
As I was saying, experts comment that the causes of impotence in young men, are related to underlying medical conditions and also to psychological conditions. So let us have a quick look at all possible diseases which are known to be the impotence in young men causes.

Medical Conditions
Most often, people suffering from heart diseases, hypotension, diabetes and obesity are the ones who come up with all such symptoms of impotency. So it is clear that these are some of the common causes of the condition. In addition to these, ailments like atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, may also turn out to be the culprits as the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men. Having a low testosterone level in the body could also be one of the certain causes of the same, and so does Peyronie's disease (development of scar tissues in tissues inside the penis).

It is also common to come across people who have a strong addiction to smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, to be suffering from impotency symptoms. And not only these, certain medications may also cause this condition as one of their side effects.

Some men may lose their capability to achieve erection, after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. However, this is mostly seen in older people. Also any kind of trauma to the spinal cord or the pelvic area, could also be counted as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men, and in older men too.

Psychological Conditions
All the causes which have been mentioned till now, not only refer to young men, but to older people as well. However, there are some factors which could be regarded as specific to young men only. These causes are associated with the psychological nature of the affected people. As obvious it is, thoughts and emotions are known to be among the major contributing factors in sustaining a healthy sex life. Any malfunction in these parts is sure to disrupt the sexual health of the person. This is where the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction in young men, come into the picture.

It has been surveyed that most young men get heavy with a sense of anxiety or nervousness about indulging in sex for the first time, causing them to lose their erection. There could be the fear of causing a pregnancy, which is also one of the causes. It may be strange to know but some men cannot just keep their erection after putting on a condom. Apart from these, stress at work place or in the family, or some kind of depression, are also considered to be the potent causes of erectile dysfunction in young men.

This does it for my theory on the causes of erectile dysfunction in young men. It may be quite awkward to bring such a disorder to notice. However, it is considered wise that the sooner this condition is treated, the lesser would be the risk of developing serious complications. If you are troubled with any medical condition, then treating it would easily get your sex life back on the gear. And if in case, you are suffering from psychological elements, as discussed above, then work it out with your partner and most importantly with a psychotherapist or a counselor.