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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunctionErectile disfunction is a disease by itself impossibility of achievement of erection or her maintenance for satisfaction of sexual activity and feasance sexual act. The synonym of this disease is impotence. Erectile disfunction can arise up in any age and shows up in many forms. Complete absence of erection for men meets rarely enough and it is usually related to the certain diseases of urogenital sphere. Complaints are more often present about weak erection not allowing accomplishing coitus. Reasons of Erectile disfunction for men can reason of Erectile disfunction or violation of erection because of diseases or violations from the side of work of organs, such as: hormonal violations are a parafunction of hypophysis, thyroid, cryptorchidism, are general heavy diseases, such as anaemia, tuberculosis, pneumonia, are traumas and diseases of backbone, are inflammatory diseases of masculine genital organs. It is a diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases. It is the protracted reception of some medicinal preparations.
Treatment of erectile disfunction is always complex and on the applied methods divided by: it is vehicle treatment of impotence; it is medicinal treatment of erectile disfunction is appointed on testimonies by the doctor, after an inspection and analyses; psychotherapy treatment of erectile disfunction is consultation of sexual health specialist or psychotherapist. Frequently men do not ask about treatment, considering that doing nothing is impossible. At swingeing majority of men treating erectile disfunction is possible. How to do it? It is needed to be written down on a reception to the specialists of our center. And they will help you necessarily. But for this purpose it is very important to be fully frank with your doctor. You will want maybe, what your sexual partner came together with you, what you both were able anymore to know about this state and about possible treatment. Erectile disfunction of man it is a variety of disorder of sexual functions of man. If a man is unable to save erection of declivous member during sexual intercourse, this is erectile disfunction. And if does not turn out to make off sexual intercourse, then for partners it also affects on psychology of relations. Erectile disfunction does not have the age-related criteria, however, in obedience to statistical data; mostly she arises up for the men of senior and middle age. At erectile disfunction of psychological origin erection can show up and as normal, in sleep or in an early morning clock, and in other time origin or maintenance of normal erection problematic enough. Erectile disfunction arising up as a result of organic influence (for example as a result of other diseases, such as cordially vascular pathologies, diabetes mellitus) differs not many on displays.