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Male erection problems

Male erection problems
Men with an erection disorder often do want to have sex, but their penis doesn't get stiff enough or doesn't get stiff at all. It can also happen that the penis is stiff at the beginning of making love, but gets soft after a while. When a man has drunk too much or is very tired it is common that these problems occur.
It is when the complaints are regular or are always present that one can talk about a disorder. An erection problem may reduce the desire to make love and the fun in making love. Men often fear that it will happen again next time. The partner may also have problems with it, like being afraid of not being attractive anymore or being disappointed.
It is important to know whether the body functions effectively. When an erection is possible: for example, in the morning, while sleeping or when masturbating whether physical problems for the erection disorder can be excluded. An erection disorder is characterized by insufficient swelling and stiffness of the penis or being unable to maintain the stiffness. These complaints must be present for a long time.
Erection problems are often caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors. The following causes are possible:

When older, it takes longer before the penis gets stiff and the man needs to be sexually stimulated for longer.
Anomalies in the vessels, for example due to heart and vascular diseases like arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.
Surgery of the prostate.
Diseases and medication for heart and vascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease can be a cause. Medicines for depression and high blood pressure may cause erection problems (see also other question).
Smoking, drugs and alcohol dependence.
Anomalies of the penis.
Hormonal anomalies.
It is important to know whether the body functions well. When an erection is possible: in the morning, while sleeping or when masturbating then physical problems can be excluded.

Erection problems are often a symptom of some other illness. Thus, if a man starts having erection problems, he should always get a general medical examination.