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Big Boys Cry

Big Boys Cry
The only way men can shed tears in public is in class sports. We see men crying when they win the gold medal in the Olympics or win the Wimbledon Cup. Ironically, rarely you can find a woman crying in public in sports!

Maybe women are becoming more tougher while men are becoming less reluctant to show their weakness and not being ashamed of it. Men through the Ages believed that they are being brave when they fight back their tears. At the contrary, it would be much braver if they allow themselves to cope with their strong emotions and let others know what they are going through.

Men need to know that tears are a natural form of expression like laughter or anger. But for some reason I don't understand, the society regards this expression inappropriate to show in public especially for men.

No doubt that society is giving women the privilege to cry, scream and breakdown. That's why women are in a constant process of purgation to their feelings of sadness, loneliness, happiness or frustration. On the other hand, men don't have the same privilege so their feelings are usually buried inside and the results are not so good. Statistics proves that men die younger than women due to the amount of stress that results heart diseases that can lead to cardiac attacks.

We should learn to respect men's tears as we respect their laughter. Men need to learn how to cry without feeling guilty or ashamed. There is nothing wimpy about a man crying. A man who cries proves that he is human not a robot.

It is hard to change people's perceptions but I encourage men to find a safe place to cry. Let it be your partner's shoulders, a dear friend or even in a place where nobody is around. Your lives would be healthier and that would help to reduce stress.