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Artificial Insemination Process

Artificial Insemination Process
The artificial insemination process has proved to be a boon for many couples who desire to have children, but are unable to conceive naturally. The artificial insemination procedure may require a lot of consideration before you can opt for it, but is surely is an effective option. Read on for more information on the artificial insemination process.Infertility and the inability to have children could be quite distressing for couples longing to start a family. The artificial insemination process could be a possible solution to most types of infertility problems. The first successful IVF treatment took place in 1981 and since then many infertile couples have been resorting to this procedure as a possible solution to their infertility problem. However, before deciding to opt for the artificial insemination procedure, there are a lot of points to be considered by the couple, especially regarding the length of the procedure and the time and commitment required for its success. Read more on artificial insemination procedure.

Process of Artificial Insemination

The process of artificial insemination involves preparing and placing sperms directly into the cervical canal or the reproductive tract of the female and does not involve sexual intercourse. Artificial insemination is useful in treating infertility caused due to a low sperm count, problems in the cervical mucus or sperms that are not active. You will need to consult a gynecologist to determine if artificial insemination is the right procedure to treat your infertility problems. Once it is determined that you can go ahead with the procedure, certain medical tests would be conducted for the couple as a part of the preparation for the artificial insemination process. It would be advisable to determine the artificial insemination cost and the time schedule required prior to the commencement of the procedure. Read more on human artificial insemination.

How does Artificial Insemination Work?

There are several artificial insemination steps involved in this fertility treatment procedure. Once all the tests have been conducted, the doctor will be able to recommend which artificial insemination method should be opted for. There are three different methods of artificial insemination, the intrauterine insemination (IUI), the intracervical insemination (ICI) and the intratubal insemination. Of these, the IUI and the ICI are the most common methods of artificial insemination, which are easy and safe as well. The intratubal insemination method is comparatively rare due to its low success rates. The following will brief you about the artificial insemination steps.

Step# 1: Based on the medical reports, the doctor may or may not advice the female partner to take fertility medication that stimulates production and maturation of eggs. This fertility medication needs to be taken just before the commencement of the menstrual cycle.

Step# 2: The woman's ovulation cycle is determined, using body basal temperature and ultrasound and, the hormone levels are closely monitored.

Step# 3: A sperm sample is obtained from the male partner, which is 'washed' and concentrated. This needs to be done so that the mucus and non-motile sperms are removed which will increase the possibility of fertilization.

Step# 4: At the beginning of ovulation, the sperm is inserted into the woman's reproductive tract, using a catheter in the IUI method or a needle less syringe in the ICI method. Both these methods are painless, but the ICI is a quicker method. If the egg is fertilized, that is, if pregnancy occurs, it can be detected 2 weeks later.

The number of artificial insemination cycles that you would need to undergo would depend upon the cause and extent of the infertility problem. Consuming fertility medication during the artificial insemination process will increase your chances of getting pregnant. In case of failure of this process, the stimulated artificial insemination process can be opted for.