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What is Artificial Insemination

What is Artificial Insemination
The following article takes us through a detailed explanation regarding the topic of 'What is artificial insemination'. Along with that it also gets into a little detail about the other aspects of artificial insemination. Read on to know more.Artificial Insemination - Why?

The human artificial insemination process is carried out under certain circumstances. These are as follows:
When the male partner does not produce any sperm due to physical or psychological reasons.
If a woman is single and has no male partner or her sexual orientation is that of women.
Artificial Insemination - Process

So what is artificial insemination exactly? The process involves using the sperm that has been collected from the male partner or from a sperm donor and then introducing it into the reproductive tract of the woman. But the process is not as easy as it sounds and there are a few things that need to go with it in order to ensure success.

First of all, the sperm from the male partner (actual or donor) is collected by using one of the many processes (masturbation, collection condom, electrical stimulator) and is frozen until later use. This semen may be put through some stages of processing which involves things like separating the low motility sperms from the good ones, and washing the sperm so that the mucus surrounding the semen may be removed. This increases the chances of fertilization and further diluting it makes it possible to form multiple vials, thus increasing the chances of re-trial. If the partner's semen is viable but has low motility it is collected and is introduced into the woman. This process is known as Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH). But if the partner's semen is not viable, a donor is looked into and that process is called Artificial Insemination by Donor (AID).

Before the process is carried out, a woman's ovulation process and her menstrual cycle are closely studied. The process can be carried out only if the ovum are healthy and can in fact be fertilized. Once all that is clear, the sperm will be thawed (if frozen) and introduced into the reproductive tract of the woman. The process of artificial insemination can be carried out using two main methods. They are as follows:

Intracervical Insemination (ICI)
What is artificial insemination of this kind? ICI involves injecting the semen (fresh and unwashed) into the cervix with a syringe (no needle). In this method the semen is introduced at the neck of the cervix whereby the semen have a better chance of swimming into the cervix through the fallopian tube, where there is a freshly released ovum waiting for fertilization. This is painless and is done using a catheter.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
This process involves using washed semen that have been processed to include only the high mobility semen. This process involves placing the semen directly into the uterus with a catheter and is best used by women who have cervical mucus problems.

Artificial Insemination - After

Many women wonder about what to expect after artificial insemination. Artificial insemination leads to the same results as that of natural intercourse, in the sense that the pregnancy is the same. It's just the part about 'how' one gets pregnant that it differs.

Even though the success rate of this procedure is fairly high, yet, every attempt only ensures 15-20% chance of success. And it is rarely seen that the first attempt becomes successful, therefore added attempts become imperative. It is important to note that the IUI method of insemination will require the woman to lie in a sleeping position to increase the chances of success. It is also possible that given the quality of semen, multiple births might be experienced.

Artificial Insemination - Success Rate and Cost

Many people wonder what is the success rate of artificial insemination The artificial insemination success rate depends on several factors like the mobility of the semen, the cause of infertility, the fertility rate of the eggs and the time of the ovulation process, among others. But on an average the success rate is about 20%, with a woman who is younger (35 years and less) having more chances of conceiving as also someone who goes in for professional procedures rather than carrying it out at home. And as far as the issue of what is the cost of artificial insemination is concerned, the artificial insemination cost is around $300-$500 (USD) for every attempt.

And that is the answer to what is artificial insemination and what exactly does the artificial insemination procedure involve. It is a very common practice these days and definitely a great option to look into for couples or single women who want to experience the joy of carrying to term and caring for a baby.