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Artificial Insemination vs In Vitro Fertilization

Artificial Insemination vs In Vitro Fertilization
With the number of options available, couples are often have doubt related to artificial insemination vs in vitro fertilization. These are two different procedures that help couples with fertility issues conceive a baby. The following article will cover information related to difference between artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization to help clear doubts couples may have in their minds.Couples who have difficulty getting pregnant the natural way, that is sexual intercourse, seek medical help. There are two reproductive technologies available that help in impregnating a woman with methods that do not involve the coital method. It has been found that in vitro fertilization (IVF) gives better results than the artificial insemination method. Also, couples choosing IVF have the option of choosing donor eggs or donor sperms as well. This gives rise to the debate of artificial insemination vs in vitro fertilization in minds of many hopeful couples. This Buzzle article will cover information related to both these reproductive technologies and help you know more about using these procedures to your advantage.

What is Artificial Insemination?
There are different types of artificial insemination that involve placing the male sperm inside the woman's womb. In this process, the partner's sperms are collected and send to the lab. Here, the slow and immobile sperms are separated out from the fast and healthy sperms. These healthy sperms are then used for fertilization. The woman's ovulation cycle is monitored and during her day of ovulation, the doctor places the sperms in her uterus. This is done with the help of a thin, flexible catheter. This catheter is then placed into the vagina and goes through the cervix right in the uterus. Then, the sperms are poured through the catheter and they are placed near one of the fallopian tubes. This helps the sperms reach the fallopian tube faster and hopefully fertile the egg released. As you can see, there is no hi-tech procedure involved and does not take more than 30 minutes to be completed.

What is In Vitro Fertilization?
In vitro fertilization is one of the most common assisted reproductive technologies (ART) used. This is a complex procedure, where the eggs and sperms of couples are collected. These sperms and eggs are placed together in a petri dish in the lab. This helps the sperms fertilize the egg. After the eggs are fertilized, it leads to formation of an embryo. The embryo is then implanted into the woman's womb after about 5 days of fertilization. The success rate for in vitro fertilization is very high as compared to artificial insemination.

Difference Between Artificial Insemination and In Vitro Fertilization
Both these methods involve use of eggs and sperms from the couple wanting a child. These techniques also involve use of donor eggs or donor sperms in case the couples have a ovulation problems or low sperm count. Yet, there are major differences between the two. The following table will cover information related to artificial insemination vs in vitro fertilization.