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How to Produce More Sperm

How to Produce More Sperm
Some basic and important tips on how to produce more sperm has been provided to you in the following. Also get to know some important facts about the condition of low sperm count...Oligospermia is the term that is used to described the condition wherein the affected person ejaculates fewer sperm that what is considered normal. 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen is considered to be the normal amount, less than which is known to be a low sperm count. The primary repercussion that this condition in a man may give rise to, is reduced chances of pregnancy in his partner. However, there are cases, wherein many men, while still facing the problem of low sperm count, were able to father a child. Once the underlying causes are identified and treated accordingly, there are good chances of the condition getting back to normal. So apart from what I would be telling you about how to produce more sperm quickly, I would also help you understand what factors can cause this condition.

What Causes Low Sperm Count?

Experts have come up with facts according to which the causes of low sperm count are associated with the lifestyle of the patient, environmental factors and medical reasons. The common causes include:
Alcohol abuse
Celiac disease
Drug abuse
Ejaculation problems
Frequent use of sauna
Hormonal imbalance
Metal poisoning
Nutrient deficiency
Problems with sperm ducts
Prolonged bicycling
Side effects of certain medications
Ways to Produce More Sperm

Treating the underlying cause helps the condition to improve with time and resolve. For instance, if the cause is an infection, then the patient might be treated with antibiotics. Likewise, treatment for hormonal imbalances, varicocele, etc., is taken up to deal with the condition. Besides these, you might like to know about how to produce more sperm naturally. Here's how you can do it.
First I would tell you about what to eat to produce more sperm. The list of foods which would help you deal with this condition include whole grains, legumes, leafy green vegetables, fruit salad, fruit juice, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, onion, eggs, oysters, clams, liver, garlic, spinach, lady finger, bottle gourd, and eggplant.
The next important point to know about how to produce more sperm is to deal with the factors which are responsible for causing the condition. As mentioned, alcohol abuse and smoking are known to be the contributing factors in causing a low sperm count. Too much alcohol affects the testosterone levels in men and finally the sperm production. Also, alcohol abuse causes liver disease, which also cause infertility. Equally harmful is smoking tobacco. So abstaining from these two habits, would provide a great deal of help in stabilizing your sperm production.
As you must have read above, frequent sauna baths also hampers sperm production. This is due to the fact that overheating of the testicles causes a low sperm count. Even wearing tight innerwear causes unnecessary heating of the testicles. So, keep a low usage of sauna, steam baths, etc. And, it is advised to wear boxers most of the times.
The importance of vitamins cannot be ignored when we are discussing on how to increase sperm count. Vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin E are the nutrients which you must ensure your diet contains. Even supplements of these vitamins help.
Indulging in sexual intercourse every couple of days also increases the chances of pregnancy in your partner. This can be more effective during ovulation. Also, using sperm-safe lubricants are recommended, as these substances may affect the life span of even healthy sperms.
To conclude with one last and important tip on how to produce more sperm, it is about the benefit that you can get by doing regular exercise. It helps in reducing stress and helps the body to produce more sperm. However, it is also important to abstain from exercises such as bicycling for a prolonged period, as this is one of the causal factor of the condition.