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Increase Sperm Motility

Increase Sperm Motility
Low sperm motility is one of the main causes for male infertility and needs to be corrected. That is why it is necessary to increase sperm motility. In the following article we shall tell you about ways of doing just that.Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm to move, (ultimately towards the egg for the purpose of fertilization). A semen analysis will reveal whether the sperm is healthy or not. Depending on whether the sperms swim (either in a straight and direct line, or in a curved or crooked line) or don't, their motility can be calculated. The motility of the sperm needs to be high in order for the sperm to swim and reach the egg. But there are cases when the sperm motility is low (only their tail moves and they remain stationery or they do not move at all) and that spells bad news for a couple who is trying to conceive.

Low sperm motility is also one of the main causes of male infertility and affects men's health tremendously. It also suggests that the sperms that are being produced are not healthy and efficient and therefore, cannot fertilize an egg. Since sperm motility is vital, there need to be solutions found in order to increase sperm motility. And luckily, there are solutions. In the article that follows we shall look at some of the ways to increase sperm motility and thereby, ensure fertilization. Continue reading if you suffer from this problem and need tips on how to increase sperm motility.

Low Sperm Motility Causes

There are several reasons that can lead to low sperm motility. These are:
Poor nutrition due to the intake of an imbalanced diet
Smoking and drinking
Side effects of certain steroids and medication
Contraction of STDs
Testicular overheating leading to damage to the sperm and affecting the production of the same
Certain vigorous exercises
Genetic causes
Exposure to certain chemicals and pollutants
How to Increase Sperm Motility Naturally

When it comes to sperm health, there are varied factors that become important, the sperm motility, the sperm count and the shape of the sperm. Talking about the count and motility factors, if both of these are low, they cannot fertilize an egg. One therefore, needs to take into consideration how to increase sperm count as well as the ways in which to increase sperm motility. Here are some natural means of increasing sperm motility and ensuring conception.

Zinc has been known to increase sperm count as well as increase sperm motility. An intake of zinc rich foods is therefore advised as a great way to bring about positive results. Some of the foods containing zinc are liver, oysters, other sea food, red meats, grains and nuts.

Selenium is a substance that is found in abundance in foods like Brazil nuts, seafood, eggs and garlic. Selenium is absorbed by the body and used by the testes to make selenoproteins, which are required in the production of sperm. A good supply of selenium foods will therefore, determine whether the sperm is healthy and thereby, influence the motility rate of the sperm.

Studies have revealed that the intake of this particular amino acid helps in the increase of healthy sperm production. It thereby leads to better motility and count. L-carnitine is found in dairy products and lean meats.

Vitamin E
Of the varied vitamins to increase sperm motility, vitamin E is known to be very effective in protecting the body against free radicals and other unstable molecules which lead to damaging the sperm cells and making them immobile. One must therefore, have a high supply of vitamin E foods. Vitamin E as well as vitamin C and B12 are known to be very effective.

Along with these foods that increase sperm motility, there are several natural herbs as well that can lead to an increase in sperm motility. Some of them are Maca, fish oils, Salabmisri (Orchis mascula), Kokilaksha, Vanya Kahu, Kapikachchu, Suvarnavang and others. Other than these, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds have also known to work.

Now that you know what causes low sperm motility and the different ways in which to increase sperm motility, you can go on to use these methods to correct the problem. A discussion with your doctor on the several ways in which you can approach this problem and the options that are available to you will also help you tremendously. Other than that, try and maintain good health and correct all the causes of low sperm motility to deal with this problem at the base.