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Low Sperm Count Treatment

Low Sperm Count Treatment
Low sperm count treatment is basically driven by the underlying causes. And apart from medical treatment, people might also benefit from certain natural methods.A count of 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen, is considered as a normal sperm count. If the measure falls below this threshold then, the person is diagnosed with the condition of low sperm count, clinically also known as oligospermia. As it's obvious, the main repercussion or complication of suffering from a low sperm count is the inability to parent a child; in other words, an unsuccessful pregnancy. Fortunately, there are many low sperm count treatment options which many men have benefited from. The main aim of the treatment is to determine the responsible factor behind the development of this condition, and treat it. And there are also some self-care measures which when followed appropriately, can add to the efficacy of the treatment.

Determining the Causes

If the underlying cause can be identified and treated, then the chances are high that the treatment would end successfully. So, just to give you an idea about what could be the possible factors which cause low sperm count in men.
Anxiety disorder
Celiac disease
Certain infection
Certain medications
Drinking problem
Drug addiction
Excess use of sauna or steam baths
Exposure to pesticides
Hormonal imbalance
Metal poisoning
Nutrient deficiency
Problems with ejaculation
Problems with sperm ducts
Prolonged bicycling
Treatment for Low Sperm Count

As mentioned, low sperm count treatment targets the underlying cause. For instance, as you can read in the list above, varicocele happens to be a cause. It is characterized by swelling of the veins that are responsible to drain the testicles; place where sperms are produced. For optimal sperm production, the testicles need to be at a temperature lower than that of the rest of the body. But when varicocele sets in, the swelling blocks blood flow and keeps the temperature too high that affects the sperm production and movement (motility). So if this happens to be the cause, then a surgery can correct it thus, making way for the treatment for low sperm count and motility. Likewise, other causes like infection, hormonal problems, are treated with medication to deal with the problem.

The Natural Way
There are a few self-care measures which do help in treating oligospermia, and they have been discussed in the following:
The first method involves following a low sperm count treatment diet, meaning, what foods you should include in your diet to increase your sperm production. They may include:
Bottle gourd
Brazil nuts
Fruit juice
Fruit salad
Lady finger
Leafy green vegetables
Raw pumpkin seeds
Raw sunflower seeds
Whole grains
Although most of the causes would be dealt by a doctor, but there are some which you can take care of by yourself. A couple of them include smoking, and alcohol abuse. So quitting smoking and limiting your alcohol consumption, will definitely yield positive results.
Again, frequent use of sauna baths also happens to be one of the causes. Similarly, too much steam baths, and wearing tight fitting clothing (especially inner wears), contribute in raising the temperature of the testicles thus, affecting sperm production. So try and get used to normal showers, and it is advisable to wear boxers at home.
Supplements of zinc, selenium, vitamin E and vitamin B-12 are known to have shown some appreciable results in the low sperm count treatment for some people. But how much do these stuffs help, has not been clinically established. So get yourself examined by an expert before going for any such supplements.
Some More Tips
Here are some tips that experts advise to follow in order to increase the chances of pregnancy while still suffering from the condition of low sperm count.
Maintain a delay of two days between two consecutive ejaculations.
Due to obvious reasons, indulge in frequent copulation to increase the chances of fertilization. However, it is also to be remembered that, ejaculation within 48 hours decreases the sperm count.
Sexual intercourse every two days nearing time of ovulation is considered as one of the best practices to increase the chances of pregnancy. This is the time when women are the most fertile.
If you are suffering from low sperm motility, then better opt for sperm-safe lubricants. Consulting a doctor would help you get the right product.
Hope the above tips on low sperm count treatment would come in handy. And, as a last advice, being physically active helps to reduce stress in the body, which in turn helps in production of sperm.