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Infertility in Men

Infertility in Men
Infertility in men is an issue that is more common than you'd like to believe. In the following article we shall discuss the key issues regarding this condition.Infertility in men is an issue affecting men's health and is one of the worst conditions that a man can face. Very few can actually deal with it effectively. Not only does it affect the very purpose of continuing their progeny, but it also affects them psychologically. The existence of man is based on his ability to procreate and if that basic need is not fulfilled then the range of problems that can arise are severe. In the following article we shall look into some of the reasons for infertility in men and how to deal with it.

Signs of Infertility in Men

How does one know that a man is infertile? The following are some signs of infertility that could suggest that there is that issue in the picture:
The most common sign that is taken as infertility in men and women is if the couple has not been able to conceive even after a year of unprotected sex.
If the man does not seem interested in sex (for a considerable period of time) and cites reasons like tiredness or stress or mood factors. It can be taken as a sign of infertility in men.
The inability to achieve an erection. This being one of the physical signs of infertility.
When a man cannot ejaculate, that is also taken as a sign of infertility.
An infertile man is usually unhealthy and this can be seen in his appearance - he will have dull looking skin and an overall haggard appearance.
Although this is not a common indicator, sometimes age can lead to a wrinkled penis and that might be a sign of infertility in men.
Causes of Infertility in Men

What could lead to infertility in men? Here are some of the reasons that have a major influence on this factor.

Environmental Factors
Environment has an overall effect on the health of human beings and is seen to have a major influence on a man's fertility as well. It therefore becomes an important factor to consider. With the ever increasing pollution, exposure to industrial waste, toxic pesticides, increase in temperatures, radiation, and other such and such, the quality of health has deteriorated considerably. This is seen to affect the overall health and in some cases can have a direct affect on a man's fertility as well.

Psychological Factors
Psychological factors such as stress, work pressure, responsibilities, dealing with failures and any other negative force can further take things out of hand.

Health Factors
There are several health factors that go on to influence the issue of infertility in men. These are some of the following:
Testicular Problems ~ Factors like high levels of FSH, pain and swelling in the testicles, uneven size of the two testicles, difficulty in urination and ejaculation, or premature ejaculation, abnormal sperm cells and the like.
Hormonal Problems ~ Less, high or no testosterone production, impotence, difficulty in varied sexual functions, insomnia, change in voice, hair growth pattern and blurred vision, muscle weakness and the like.
Difficulty in erection and maintaining it.
Orgasms without semen.
Decreased sexual health.
Old age
Milky and cloudy urine.
Low sperm count.
Sterility after vasectomy.
Low sperm motility rate.
Health disorders like liver disease, kidney disease, genital infections, autoimmune disorders, sickle cell anemia, prostatitis and epididymitis and obesity can all cause infertility in men.
Acquired/External Factors
There are certain acquired factors that need to be discussed as well. These include such pointers that are not caused by any external, psychological or health factors, but are a man's own doing (so to say). Here are some of them:
Smoking ~ It affects the quality of the sperm.
Unhealthy Lifestyle ~ This would include lack of exercise, a non nutritious and unhealthy diet, skewed sleeping patterns and the like.
There are several forms of treatments on how to increase fertility that can be taken up depending on the nature of the factors that have led to the problem of infertility in men. Lifestyle changes, taking of specific supplements or surgery to correct a health problem and other factors like artificial insemination (If none of the other methods help to improve the quality of the sperm and this remains the only option to start a family) are often used and are seen to help. One thing is clear though, what can be controlled should definitely be, so that it does not add to the long list of possible causes and threats that lead to infertility in men.