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Hot Flashes in Men

Hot Flashes in Men
So, what causes hot flashes in men? The symptoms and causes of hot flashes in men are directly related to the hormonal changes taking place in the body. There is a lot of misconception on the causes and unawareness about the treatment of hot flashes in men. This article will clear your doubts by providing information on the symptoms, causes and treatment of hot flashes in men.Hot flashes or sweats are most common menopause symptoms, and so mostly are associated with women. However, there are many men who suffer from hot flashes and don't treat this condition. Here, are the symptoms and causes of hot flashes in men to help you understand about this condition.

Hot Flashes in Men: Causes
Let us look at the causes of these hormonal changes, which gives male hot flashes:
Andropause: Andropause is male menopause which occurs during the aging process in men, and hot flashes are the common symptoms of this condition. Other symptoms accompanied by hot flashes in this aging process in men are weight gain, trouble at sleeping and slow hair growth.
Infections: Certain infections like HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis can also be giving a man hot flashes or can also cause night sweats in men.
Tumor/Cancer: If you are experiencing hot flashes along with testicular pain, immediately contact a doctor as this could be a sign of cancer. Males can also experience hot flashes due to tumor present in pituitary gland or hypothalamus. Read more on prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
Hormone Level: Sudden hot flashes in men may also occur as a hormone imbalance symptom, like when there is a sudden and substantial lowering of the level of the testosterone, which is the sex hormone or the androgen hormone. Read more on causes of low testosterone.
Reaction to Food/Medicine: Reaction to MSG, that is, mono sodium glutamate can also cause hot flashes. This is a food additive, and one needs to check their diet to check about this reaction. A person can also experience hot flashes as an allergy to certain medications, like nifedipine, niacin, calcitonin, etc.
Hot Flashes in Men: Symptoms
The symptoms of hot flashes in men can be mild to severe. The mild signs of hot flashes are less discomforting than the severe ones.
The signs typically start with the face and spread to the neck and chest area, lasting for seconds to minutes
The hot flash can start with a feeling of warmth spreading in the upper body, with skin redness and mild perspiration to excessive sweating
Finally the person will get a cold, clammy and uncomfortable feeling, if the hot flashes are occurring during night they can interfere with sleeping
Other uncomfortable sensations like dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations and pressure feeling can also be experienced along with the hot flashes
Hot Flashes in Men: Treatment
It is important to get yourself diagnosed, to know the exact cause behind the occurrence of hot flashes. The doctor will suggest a blood test to check the deficiency of testosterone, which most probably will be giving you the hot flashes. After the underlying cause has been identified, a person can get rid of hot flashes with the appropriate treatment. The treatment involves mostly changing the medications or testosterone therapy. However, you can follow these prevention tips, which will reduce the severity and discomfort caused by hot flashes in men
Dress up in light and loose fitting clothes
Drink plenty of water throughout the day
If you suffer from hot flashes during night, drink a glass of water to prevent dehydration and to calm yourself and keep yourself hydrated
Use fans and keep the windows open at all times if possible
If you get sweats at night, you can turn your pillow upside down, or change your bedding in severe cases
Try to avoid stress, and go for yoga or meditation
Men's health is often lightly taken, and needs to be given a serious thought. So, if your symptoms are mild, you can use the prevention tips and reduce the symptoms of hot flashes in men. However, if you have been experiencing hot flashes for some time or experience hot flashes with other pain symptoms; it is important that you get yourself diagnosed to treat the underlying cause.