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Solutions for Vaginal Dryness

 Solutions for Vaginal Dryness
There are other ways to get estrogen that can relieve dryness, besides taking it in a tablet form (as you do with VagiFem). You'll find many topical vaginal estrogen creams on the market that you can try. Experiment with different ones to see if any work for you.
There are also vaginal estrogen rings (such as Estring) that release estrogen and can relieve vaginal irritation and dryness. If you need a higher dose of estrogen, you can try a vaginal ring called Femring. This treatment also has some systemic estrogen effects, enough that it can help relieve hot flashes.

However, the fact that you have pain during intercourse warns me that your sexual problems may not actually be due to vaginal dryness. Get a physical exam done by your doctor to make sure there isn't another cause, such as a mass.