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Vaginal dryness

Vaginal drynessVaginal dryness it is a problem perturbing practically all women during afterwards. Supervisions show that 50% women in age from 40 60 to from time to time run into this problem. In medical literature having the name "Atrophic vaginitis" - insufficient moistening of vagina. Women that suffer vaginal dryness are very often afraid of carnal knowledge, and, in the total, avoid sex. Mainly it is related to that absence of greasing in a vagina can do sexual intercourse sickly. Initially the amount of the vaginal greasing for all women is different. Most women do not notice the presence of vaginal liquid, except the cases of sexual excitation. According from a clinic at University of the name of Washington (city Washington, district of Columbium), a vagina is arranged so that there was a micro flora in him. It has an own biological mechanism of bacterial control - as a rule, this maintenance of natural level of acidity.
There are a great number of factors defiant an atrophic vaginitis. In the number of possible reasons: Estrogen is a woman hormone that assists maintenance of normal humidity and acidity in a vaginal area, and also gives elasticity fabrics of vagina. When the level of estrogen goes down, the mechanism of natural defence weakens, that result in thinning and losses of elasticity of vaginal wall with the offensive of vaginal dryness.
In addition, dryness in different parts of body, including a vagina, can be the allergic reaction of organism on medications of type of antidepressants. Medications, repressing estrogen, being used at treatment of chasse, ulcer and hyperpiesia also influence on the state of vagina. As a rule, a doctor-gynaecologist looks over a hospital chart finds out how a long ago she had these symptoms (burning, itch, discomfort at sexual intercourse). Other factors - syringing, reception of medications etc. are eliminated. A doctor holds a review, checking, whether there is thinned of mucous membrane of vagina or turning red, eliminates all possible reasons of discomfort, in particular, infections of urinary ways. A stroke is sometimes done in an order to reduce rejection from the side of cages of neck of uterus. Unfortunately, an atrophic vaginitis during is almost inevitable and in most cases vaginal dryness is caused by distorting the hormonal balance. If vaginal dryness is caused by the low level of hormone of estrogen, then a endocrinotherapy must help. An endocrinotherapy can be both local application are vaginal ointments and as oral medicinal preparations.