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Mild Dysplasia

Mild Dysplasia
Mild dysplasia is the first stage of cervical dysplasia. Since it is a precancerous disease, the very word dysplasia tends to scare us. However, the fact is that is it completely curable. Read this article for a better understanding of the disease.Dysplasia is a term which describes the condition where abnormal growth of cells take place on the surface of the cervix, the lowest part of the uterus. There are three stages of the dysplasia: mild, moderate and severe. Even though, mild dysplasia can occur to women of any age group. Women in the age group of 25 and 35 are at a higher risk of getting mild dysplasia. In mild dysplasia, only about 25 percent of the cell layer on the top of the surface of the cervix are affected by the virus. There are no mild dysplasia symptoms that are observed in the patients who are suffering from it.

Mild Dysplasia Causes

The exact cause of dysplasia has not yet been ascertained. The most likely cause of dysplasia that has been found so far is the infection of certain types of human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus is sexually transmitted disease and infect the epithelial tissues of various parts of the body. When the virus infects the cells of the cervix, it triggers irregular cell development there and lead to mild cervical dysplasia.

There are certain factors which have been found to have increased the chances of getting mild dysplasia. If an infected woman will get mild dysplasia or not largely depends on the age at she has been exposed to the virus. Those who are infected by it in the age between 16 and 18 are more vulnerable. Other risk factors are: teenage pregnancy, multiple sexual partners in the teens, habit of smoking etc. It is the same virus that causes genital warts and benign tumors. However, it is not necessary that a women who have dysplasia must have genital warts in the past. In fact, research studies have found that hardly 5 percent of those women who are infected by HPV get genital warts. Find more on mild dysplasia causes.

Mild Dysplasia Treatment

Mild Dysplasia is diagnosed with the help of pap smear test. In this test, cells from the cervical area are examined microscopically to identify any abnormal cell growth. Our body has the ability to heal up the condition of mild dysplasia naturally with the passage of time. For this reason, some doctors leave it untreated for some time and keep a close watch on the progress of the infection. Such patients are advised to undergo a pap smear test after a gap of every three to six months. Other prefer to treat it to stop further progression of the disease. This is because there is always a chance that the mild dysplasia may become moderate in no time. They prescribe some supplements that can provide boost to the immune system and help to generate healthy tissues.

In the following months, if any deterioration in the condition is detected then doctors suggest surgery to stop further progression of the abnormal growth. There are several methods of surgery. Among them, the most common treatments are cryotherapy or laser treatment. Each of them involves removal of abnormal cervical cells. Even after the surgery, the patient need to continue with the pap smears at a regular interval of time as per the doctors instructions to prevent recurrence of mild dysplasia.

The chances of cervical cancer from mild dysplasia is very low. However, those with mild dysplasia should take proper measures to prevent any further aggravation of the condition. It includes regular screening with Pap test and following the guidelines provided by the doctor. One should eat healthy foods and take adequate rest to strengthen the immunity. Those who smoke should quit smoking as it tends to interfere with the healing process of the body. Even alcohol intake should be minimized.