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Vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophyMany prophetic about that our mothers never talk to us. So many prophetic, about that we never talk even to the friends. One of things is vaginal atrophy. From 75 to 90% women in the period of run into the problem of vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy often becomes reason of sexual problems and promotes the risk of origin of infection of the urogenital system. So that vaginal atrophy? In the period the level of estrogen goes down for women, those results in thinning of vaginal fabrics. The included in a vagina becomes already and harder, the amount of vaginal secret goes down and, consequently, there is dryness. A sexual closeness causes discomfort, up to the sickly feeling, and many women begin to avoid having sex. How women must decide this problem? Foremost, they must have the opportunity freely to talk about sex with the gynaecologist that will advise and will pick up the vaginal greasing and humectants, removing dryness of vagina. There are unhormonal vaginal creams that safely can be used by most women. From the improvised facilities it is possible to use olive oil. If these facilities do not work, then together with a gynaecologist it is needed to think about a hormonotherapy. Vaginal cream, candles and rings, containing estrogen, the symptoms of vaginal atrophy are able to facilitate. They improve circulation of blood in fabrics of walls of vagina, assist the selection of the vaginal greasing, and remove discomfort and sickliness during a sexual closeness. These facilities contain the minimum dose of hormones and taken in they only by fabrics of walls of vagina and urinary bladder. They are safe, however, if a woman periodically has blood excretions from a vagina, she must necessarily report about it to the gynaecologist.
Women that continue to have sex, in spite of age and climax, rarer suffer atrophy of vagina. Sex improves a blood stream and assists the selection of greasing that prevents narrowing of vagina. Using facilities is better in a complex for external and vaginal application. The mucous membrane of Edeas is too subject to excessive dryness, therefore, along with candles or rings, use of cream for greasing of crotch, will result in the best result. In spite of age, we must care not only of feel and state of health but also about the sex appeal. At the first signs of discomfort (to dryness, sickliness) during sexual intercourse, feel free to apply with this problem to the gynaecologist. The early beginning of treatment reduces probability of problems in the future.