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How to Make Love to a Woman

How to Make Love to a Woman
It's difficult to find a man who isn't curious to know about tips on how to make love to a woman. Knowing about several aspects of love making can help you to spice things up in your relationship. Here, I have tried to present some realistic, cogent, dynamic and fundamental tips on making love to a woman. Know more, by reading further...So, the question, 'how to make love to a woman' brings you here, this shows that you've got a genuine desire to understand the 'art' of making love. Making love is not just an act, rather a culmination of a myriad of emotions a person feels for his/her loved one. Studies and research on the topic 'love making' suggest that learning how to make love is not just about satisfying sexual urge, but something much more, and beyond.

In healthy relationships (which mutual respect and love are the basic building blocks), there are more dimensions attached to sex, than just physical satisfaction. Hence, my whole idea in this write up is about love making. Although raging hormones do increase the physical intensity, it is certainly not the only dimension that men seek out (agree guys?). Practically and literally, sex and making love are two separate entities. So, men, if you really want to enjoy making love and satisfy your partner (and yourself too), then the tips on how to make love to a woman can certainly help both of you discover a new dimension to your relationship making it all the more stronger.

Before we Begin

According to me, there are two aspects to making love. One is the physical aspect of making love, involving the actual nitty-gritty or the act of making love. Secondly, and more importantly, is the overall experience of making love. By the overall experience, I mean the emotional and physical experience of making love. One rarely experiences fulfillment in one aspect without the other, there can't be physical satisfaction without emotional satisfaction. For those eager to get to the physical aspects of how to make love to a woman can skip this part and go straight to the next passage. (at your own peril, though). For those who would like to have a memorable experience, let me give you some suggestions that will surely get your lady in the mood for some romance and thereby leading to a memorable experience. Women, they say, fall in love with their ears and men with their eyes. Get the hint?

Women have highly developed senses. Period. In order to get her in the mood, please her senses. Her favorite perfume, flowers, scented candles, use any and everything that could arouse her senses. Ambiance and settings also play a part in getting her all horny and wanting for some physical affection. A warm cozy couch on a rainy day, or a candle lit table with soft light and music, it need not be cliched but anything which will make her comfortable. Be creative while you prepare for a session of love making, if you two are in a relationship for quite some time you will exactly know what all turns her on. Sometimes a genuine and heart-felt compliment can also do the trick and ignite amorous thoughts in her. See to it that you two are not disturbed by any external factors. If you have certain commitments, then complete them or re-arrange them. Keep the phone off the hook, or switch it off. In short don't let anything distract you, and rob you of some quality time with your lady.

Now, that you have created the right mood and atmosphere, drop a hint or make your move. If you are going steady with your girl and have spent sufficient time together you will know how to make a move. Rather, she will detect if you are in the mood, so hold her hand or hold in your arms, or grab her and give her a long and passionate kiss. Her reaction will set the tone for your future course of action. At first your invoking of passion in her might bring out a look of surprise in her, but a little persistence will surely swing things into action right away. Compliment her about the best thing you like about her, softly whisper your love for her, all the while kissing her hands, cheeks or nape (neck) or all of the above. Now, on to the actual act of making love to a woman. Keep reading to know more on how to make love to your wife or your girlfriend...

Let Your Heart and Body Speak

As I have mentioned earlier women have highly developed senses, exploit this to bring out the sensuousness in her. We have five senses, use all of them to arouse feelings of passion and erotic love in her. Let her senses guide her to enhanced bodily pleasures and thereby, heighten the act of making love. If you want to increase the intensity of your physical intimacy to great heights, express it in no uncertain terms that you want her and you love her. A deep craving for each other automatically creates the right mood and drives the process further. And mind you, if you both are truly committed, you're on the highway to make every intimate moment an exciting experience. A golden rule here is to maintain eye contact, it is very crucial to make things intense and will accentuate the entire act, lending it a more intimate feeling. I will try to suggest some arousal tips on how to make love to a woman, which should give your lady a real sexual high and leave her wanting for more.

Touch with a Kiss
A kiss is the best display of affection, a romantic kiss, they say is the connection of two souls. A passionate kiss is like a key which opens many doors. Some say, just by kissing, a woman can have an orgasm! Remember start slowly and intensely, feel her lips, experience the wetness and softness of her lips. Feel the warmth of her breath, on your face, let your tongues entwine with each other. Occasionally lightly lick her upper lip, they say this drives a woman wild. Feel the tingling sensation run throughout your body while you suck passionately on her lower lip. All the while let your hands caress her body ever so slightly. Your passionate kiss can determine the future intensity of your love making. And since there are variety of kissing techniques, positions and variety of kisses, you will be spoilt for choice (great guys, isn't it?).

Kissing her on the lips is just the beginning, Experience what it feels like, to kiss every inch of her body. Just keep one thing in mind, don't rush, take it slow, all the while watch out for her reaction. She will let you know what she likes and what she dislikes. Some areas on her body, called as erogenous zones, if stimulated are sure to sexually arouse her. Mind you, each woman is an individual and she may have her own unique erotic zones. But generally, a slight nibble or licking her ear lobes, kissing the nape and shoulders will surely set her pulse racing and her body responding accordingly.

Let your Hands and Imagination Loose
The second tool of sensual pleasure is the sense of touch. It is said that a woman can identify the intention of a touch within no time. The right place and way of touching can send your lady into a heightened feeling of sexual pleasure and ecstasy. The key again my friends is not to rush for long lasting love making. There are some more foreplay tips to make her feel more aroused. And here is the fact, men get easily aroused (yeah, we do get aroused at a lightning speed). Hence, you might need arousal tips, if you want to really make your lady go wild with pleasure. And the better you're at foreplay, you will easily be able to learn how to make love all night.

Foreplay is extremely vital for heightened sexual pleasure. Touch is the most important sense which will help you for stimulation and sexual arousal. Merely, running your fingers through her hair or just holding her ever so tightly can also act as a stimulant in the process of love making. To enhance pleasure certain parts of her body are more receptive than others. Feel her body, experience the soft warm touch of her skin. The warm sensation of a passionate embrace is difficult to equal, if not surpass. I am sure by now both of you are really warming up to the idea of making passionate love and experience physical bodily pleasure. While you are kissing her on her lips or neck let your hands run over her back or on her stomach and waist. Observe and experience her reaction. Feel her soft and silky smooth legs, caress them, kiss them.

Kissing or caressing the ankles can also arouse a lady. Gently but affirmatively experience the soft touch of her legs, back of the knee and thighs. Go down on her to arouse her even more. I say it here again, watch her reaction, observe how her body responds. Your girl will let you know what or which touch she likes and wants more. The back, especially the area between the shoulder blades is considered to be an erogenous zone in women. Kiss the back between the shoulders, kiss her back all over, right till her lower back. Ever so gently run your tongue over the entire back and see her shiver in anticipation.

Coming to, what is considered as a secondary sexual organ, the breasts are said to be extremely sensitive to stimulation. Fondling her breasts, ever so slightly, can drive her wild with passion and wanting for more. By now both of you must be passionately aroused, experiencing each others touch and would want to take it to the next level. Even your body will direct you to repeat the moves that increase arousal and heighten sexual desires. Just go with the flow, listen to what she wants, and give her more and then some more. All the while keep on kissing and touching her in more ways than one, experiencing the sheer physical excitement of the union of body and soul. Her fingers, wrist, forearms shoulders, stomach, navel, let her experience what it feels like to arouse all these body parts. Send shivers of sexual pleasure and ecstasy through her entire, just by the anticipation of your moves. More foreplay tips include, massaging her body with an aromatic oil, or get creative, even chocolate or fresh cream! Remember the golden rule.. yes, take your time and observe her reactions.

The Culmination
You are in the mood to take it to the next level, all you can think of now is that you want more of her, and she of you. It's a good idea for a guy to take the lead in certain situations. This is just one such situation, now is the time to go down on her, ever so slowly caress and kiss her, spreading her legs wider in the process. You just might feel tempted to rush things and go all the way. Caress and fondle her all around except the real erogenous zone. The anticipation is sure to send your lady on a sexual high, asking for more. Ever so slowly make a foray to the desired area, I am sure the sight smell and feel of the entire act is bound to get you going too. The more time you spend here will definitely benefit in a rich and satisfying culmination for the both of you. With her fully aroused by now, and you raring to go, it wont be difficult to decide the exact time to move into position for the actual act of consummation. Don't be rigid about the exact position and style of sexual intercourse, go with whatever and wherever you feel comfortable. Now, is the time to forget everything and just soak in the complete experience of a union with your loved one. Try and maintain eye contact while expressing your physical love to her. Feel free to change sexual positions and try to experiment till you find the right comfort level and ease. There are no rules here, just the two of and your desires.

Now, that you both just want to be one with each other, it becomes an act of sexual fulfillment for both of you. Enjoy this phase of intimacy to the fullest. Mind you, making love is a tiring activity. According to research, making love has it fair share of medical benefits, besides the obvious psychological and emotional benefits. The act of making love to a woman doesn't end here, or rather shouldn't end here. To complete the whole experience and make it really memorable and meaningful, for the both of you, cherish the trailing phase or shall we say a temporary break. Hold her in your arms and give her a long passionately kiss, express your true feelings about the whole act and how much you enjoyed it. You can both just lie in each others arms experiencing the warmth and touch of each others bodies. Or both of you can hop into the shower for an extended session of foreplay and maybe, again some more love. Its a time just for the two of you so make the most of it.

Words Have Power: Communicate
Understanding 'how to make out' is more important before you proceed for the act. The act of making love, though an act, primarily involves two individuals with a desire to share each others physical intimacy and sexual needs. One of the most, if not the most, important element in any sexual experience is communication. By communication I don't mean just verbal communication, but communication of each others innermost desires and thoughts. All the while that you are getting into the mood of making love, talk, express your feelings about her body, speak out your sexual fantasies that involve her. Ask her what part of foreplay she likes, ask her what she wants, what her innermost sexual fantasies are.

Elements of dirty talking may vary for everyone. It's all about the physical and mental chemistry you share with her. You can use forceful words or even romantic lyrics for your lady. Understand what she wants, do it! Understanding her from close quarters (and her body too) will help you to come up with something that really turns her on (and to you too). Use dirty talking as an effective tool and don't let the power of words go waste. They work at the right time, at the right place and at the right moment! Now is the time to say to her, all you wanted to say, in these moments of prime intimacy. Your bedroom can be the most effective place to talk dirty. Now, dirty talking doesn't not mean, you've got to sound stupid or weird. The sole objective of dirty talking is to make her feel more wanted and desired. You can tell her what you like most about her body, and what turns you on. It certainly is an erotic way to pep up things in the bedroom. So, keep communicating, listen to her, understand her feelings and thoughts, it will surely enhance the overall experience of love making.