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Treatments for female sexual dysfunction

Treatments for female sexual dysfunctionPrevalence of woman sexual disorders is usually underestimated. Women at that disfunction is marked on the phase of excitation have also usually violations on the phase of orgasm. In one research conducted on relatively happy domestic pairs, it is discovered that 33% women have violations of sexual excitation. The woman sexual braking is related to many psychological factors. Psychological conflicts can be expressed through braking of sexual excitation and orgasm; they will come into question in the division sanctified to disfunctions of phase of orgasm. For some women of disorder of phase of excitation related with absence of desire. Physiological researches of disfunction showed that hormonal can endow in character of reactivity of women suffering a parafunction on the phase of excitation. Masters and Johnson discovered that women with normal reactivity are especially located to the sexual relations before the beginning of menstruation.
Women with disfunction usually feel most sexual excitation at once after menstruation or during ovulation. Change of levels estrogens and thyroxine also influences on disorders of excitation for women. Preparations, reducing moods, can be used in medicinal therapy. In the cases of aesthetic non-acceptance of body or at presence of the not nice surgically conditioned defects can be required repeated correction. After the carried mammectomy can reconstructive implantation, however it not always allows eliminating unwillingness to sexual life from the loss of the haptic feeling. The effective method of treatment is bringing in of sexual partner. Proceeding sexual excitation is by itself suddenly arising up, feeling of genital excitation of sexual interest and desire.
Not always is reason of discomfort. Excitation does not pass even after the series of orgasms and can press close during a few hours or days. It is necessary to find out whether sexual stimulation causes subjective or genital excitations. In default of genital it is necessary to think of genital type of violation of excitation. If there is pointing on absence of the feeling, it is necessary to set the fact. If greasing is distinguished, then excitations are subjective, it is otherwise talked about combined. Physiological and medical anamnesis in the first, it is necessary to find out whether a woman have the emotional experiencing, process of excitation (attention, tiredness, subzero estimation of own sexual attractiveness, expectation negative contact, feeling of the use), and also credible presence of sexual disfunction at the school. Treatment of sexual disorders must be etiotropic and depends on the type of violation.