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Does Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Cause Weight Gain

Does Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Cause Weight Gain
No doubt, polycystic ovarian syndrome and weight gain is a common condition. Insulin is a hormone, which is required for processing sugar and starch from food into energy. However, with PCOS the body finds it difficult to use the hormone. This condition is commonly known as insulin resistance. This results in free flowing glucose in the blood stream.

When the body does not get the necessary amount of energy, it cause hunger pangs. Due to increased hunger levels, it is seen that the women tend to eat much more, which in turn causes weight gain. With excessive intake of food, glucose levels in the blood stream spiral, which further results in more hunger and weight gain. In other words, it becomes a vicious cycle.

The high levels of insulin in the body results in over production of androgen, which are male hormones. This in turn causes acne, irregular periods, body hair and weight gain. It is often seen that the excess weight gain often accumulates around the abdominal region.

How to Lose Weight with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Women suffering from PCOS and weight gain, will have to start the diet for polycystic ovarian syndrome. The most important change is to switch to complex carbohydrates. As far as possible the simple carbohydrates should be eliminated from the diet. The best carbohydrates are whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, beans, etc. Along with whole grains, fruits and vegetables have to make for majority part of the diet. Processed food should have no place in the diet plan, when you want to lose weight with PCOS. You will have to look for healthy snacking options as well.

Including proteins in the diet is necessary, as they will help in building muscles, which in turn will help in weight loss. The proteins should be lean proteins. It is important that at least one part of proteins is included in every meal, so that the quantity of carbohydrates and proteins in the diet is balanced. Along with the right quantity of carbohydrates and proteins, other nutrients also have to be a part of the diet. If the body lacks any one of the nutrients, it will become difficult for you to lose weight.

Women with PCOS and weight gain problem will have to make it a point to include some form of exercise in their daily regime. The exercise will not only help in losing weight, but it will also regularize insulin levels in the body. This will also help in reducing the symptoms of PCOS as well. There is another benefit of including exercise in the daily routine. Menstrual irregularities are reduced up to a considerable extent with exercise.

One of the important change that one should make in their diet is to have small meals at regular intervals. The three big meals have to be divided into six small meals. However, the key is to have 'small' meals. The last meal of the day should be had at least 2 hours before one goes to bed.

Although polycystic ovarian syndrome and weight gain have a close relation, weight gain can indeed be kept under control. It is necessary to follow the precautions given by the health care professional to the 'T', so that the weight loss process is accelerated and weight gain arrested.