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How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant
Wondering how to increase chances of getting pregnant? This article will give you some useful and easy tips on how to increase chances of getting pregnant fast. So don't waste any more time and start applying those methods soon. Read on...It really is something, isn't it? The whole idea of getting pregnant and starting the whole cycle of motherhood? Perhaps the most special time of a woman's life. With the increasing pressures of the lifestyle we develop, couples plan their pregnancy a bit late now a days. To delay the pregnancies, they take contraceptive measures like pills or the contemporary intrauterine devices (IUDs). There comes a time when they want to finally conceive but it just doesn't happen. At this point, they have no option but look frantically on the Internet and find out how to increase chances of getting pregnant fast. In most cases, implementing the below mentioned measures does help. Check them out! Some women also keep on wondering, is it possible to get pregnant on your period or what are the chances of getting pregnant from precum. However vague these questions may seem, the answer to both is yes. The chances are very slim, but yes, you can.

How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant Fast

Say NO to Smoking, Drinking, Drugs and Caffeine...
Cigarette smoking is the worst thing during the period when you are trying for a pregnancy. If you are learning how to increase chances of getting pregnant, this is something you should learn first. A single cigarette contains 4,000+ chemicals. There are a minimum of 60 cancer causing compounds and some like lead and cyanide. These chemicals enter into your bloodstream when you smoke which is your baby's sole source of nutrients and oxygen. Drinking, drugs and caffeine have similar if not same effects and thus should be avoided completely to increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Avoid Stressing Yourself Unnecessarily...
It is known since time immemorial that stress affects pregnancies and a woman should always remain happy and content if she is expecting. Just as what you eat is bound to affect your baby, so will your feelings. Stress can lead to anxiety during pregnancy and this in turn can result in premature delivery and also low birth weight. Thus, stress surely will also have its effects on you when you are trying to conceive. So, increase chances of getting pregnant by avoiding stress completely.

Check for Being Overweight and Maintain a Diet...
Only knowing when are you most fertile isn't going to help. Other factors also matter, such as weight. Increase in weight means increase in fat. This fat releases unwanted estrogen. This unwanted estrogen in turn acts like a birth control. On the other hand, even being underweight can prove to be a hindrance. This is because, being underweight is also being under nourished. If you are under nourished, you won't be able to help the fetus grow effectively. All this makes it necessary for us to maintain a healthy diet not only before conceiving but also after.

Know Your Ovulation Period...
Another important factor and perhaps the most important, is to know your ovulation period as this will tell you the best days to get pregnant. For this you need to know your menstrual cycle and calculate you ovulation period accordingly. When am I ovulating? How long does ovulation last? These are common questions women ask. To help you out, nowadays, you get ovulation strips and kits which help you determine the exact time of your ovulation period and its duration. Another tip would be to have intercourse a little before your ovulation period starts than after it. We have seen the chances of getting pregnant on your period, so it makes more sense to take complete advantage of the ovulation period.

Perfect the Position...
This tip might also help you while learning how to increase chances of getting pregnant. Doctors say that a lot also depends on the sexual positions in which a couple has intercourse. The missionary position is said to be very effective for those who wonder how to increase the chances of getting pregnant. This is because, in the missionary position, the sperm of the male is left closer to the females egg and fertilization has higher chances here. So, you have one easy hint here, don't you?

Increase in the Frequency...
Yes, this is something we don't even have to tell you. Increase the number of times you have intercourse with your partner and it is sure to result into something positive. The percentage of positive results in one try aren't very high and thus it makes the whole requirement necessary. Women who enjoy intercourse are said to conceive faster though enough data about this isn't available. It is also said that morning intercourse is more effective as the sperm count is highest in the morning.

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Now that you know how to increase chances of getting pregnant fast, you can implement all these helpful techniques in your life soon. As we have seen, the days that you are ovulating are the most fertile days to get pregnant. Though these work most of the times, there also might be times when they may not. In such times, it is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible and see if there are any other problems that might be affecting your chances of conceiving. The doctor might ask you to do some tests and then try to diagnose the possible problems.