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Ovarian Cyst Burst

Ovarian Cyst Burst
Ovarian cyst burst can lead to a dangerous situation for many women. This the reason why all women should be aware of the ovarian cyst burst symptoms to avoid complications.Many young women tend to develop ovarian cysts. These are sac-like fluid filled structures that are found in the ovary. These cysts can be of any size, as small as a pea or as large as tennis ball in diameter. They occur in the ovary due to the ovulation cycle. This happens because the follicle in which the egg grows contains fluid. If the follicle fails to rupture during ovulation time, it begins to grow bigger and swells with fluid. This cyst is called as follicular cyst or functional cyst. The corpus luteum, which is an endocrine tissue that forms after the rupture of an ovum may also develop cysts. This cysts is called as corpus luteum cyst. When the functional ovarian cyst begins bleed, it is called as hemorrhagic cyst. Women are always at risk of developing ovarian cyst. It is important to keep an eye on ovarian cyst burst symptoms as many times women are not even aware they have a cyst.