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Early Signs of Miscarriage

Early Signs of Miscarriage
What are the signs of miscarriage in early pregnancy? Read this article to find out...Pregnancy ought to be one assailable time in a woman's life, owing to the various factors that pose certain amount of risk in every trimester of gestation. And the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is the most susceptible time for a spontaneous abortion or a miscarriage to occur. Miscarriage is a pregnancy loss which has many reasons to occur. A chromosomal abnormality caused when the egg or sperm is faulty, hormonal imbalance, incorrect lifestyle (like smoking, malnutrition, drug abuse, excessive caffeine addiction) and emotional trauma can factor a miscarriage. So, what are the signs of miscarriage in early pregnancy? To know about early signs of miscarriage, keep reading...

Symptoms of Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

Women in childbearing years, have a 10-25% chance of experiencing miscarriage in early pregnancy. And women most susceptible to a pregnancy loss are more than 35 years old. This is because, with years, the uterine wall also thickens, not offering substantial ground during the implantation phase. Apparently, the highest chances of a miscarriage occurring is in the first trimester of pregnancy, which may pose certain symptoms that may be too insignificant to be overlooked, in case of a chemical pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy is one, where a woman conceives without the knowledge of implantation of the fertilized ovum and probably miscarries it too, in the next menstrual cycle, assuming it to be a normal period. So are there any early miscarriage symptoms? Yes, there are evident signs of miscarriage in early pregnancy which, for no reason should be overlooked. Some early signs of miscarriage are listed below:
Mild to severe back ache (more painful than the normal menstrual cramps)
Loss of weight
Contractions felt every 5-20 minutes
Whitish pink mucus discharge
Discharge of tissue with clots
Severe bleeding with, or without, cramps
Decreasing hCG levels in blood
Disappearance of pregnancy symptoms
And there are many kinds of miscarriages which can factor the above stated signs of miscarriage in early pregnancy. Some of the types that factor early miscarriage signs are listed below:
Type Causes and Symptoms
Threatened miscarriage Uterine bleeding followed by cramping and lower back ache. Cervix remains closed.
Incomplete miscarriage Severe back pain and abdominal pain with bleeding, caused by open cervix, i.e rupture of cervix membranes. Also one of the prominent miscarriage signs in early pregnancy.
Complete miscarriage Complete bleeding with the embryo flushed out of the uterus.
Missed miscarriage Relates more to embryonic death, which need not mean expulsion of embryo.
Recurrent miscarriage 3 or more consecutive first trimester miscarriages, may be due to a weak uterine lining.
Blighted ovum Successful implantation of the embryo with no fetal development.
Ectopic pregnancy Implantation occurring in the fallopian tube, a very dangerous condition
Molar pregnancy Genetic error during fertilization.

And there are other factors which do NOT cause a miscarriage, like sexual intercourse, working in office (not strenuous) and moderate exercises. So, these were some prominent signs of miscarriage in early pregnancy. These early signs of miscarriage, if identified on time, can be averted easily. Regular checkups, a healthy diet and avoiding any work that is stressful, are some effective ways to avoid miscarriages. And women need to be very careful during the first trimester, and must have nutritious food. Smoking is a big NO during this time. Also pregnant women are advised against consuming caffeine, junk food and food with excessive fat content. Also, at this time, moderate pregnancy exercises are a must, to keep the body agile and healthy. Hope this article has helped you understand about early signs of miscarriage. So, take care and be safe!