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Blighted Ovum

Blighted Ovum
A blighted ovum is a situation that takes place inside a woman, when she experiences a mini miscarriage, with or without her knowledge. Find out here how and why this happens...

What is a blighted ovum? An anembryonic pregnancy, or blighted ovum, is when a fertilized egg of the female, clings itself onto the uterine wall, but doesn't develop from that point onwards. Although the stage still progresses where the pregnancy sac develops, the embryo itself is stunted, growth wise. This takes place in the first trimester of a woman's pregnancy cycle, way before she is even aware that she is pregnant in some cases. When the body naturally miscarries, even the placenta is formed, where the blighted ovum hCG levels are what makes up its cell structure, which nourishes the egg, right after it has been fertilized, as it attaches itself to the uterine wall.

Women will notice that they've missed their period, and even have themselves tested out to show positive signs of a pregnancy, sadly it's the miscarriage that takes place a little after she is into her pregnancy state, that catches one offguard. These hCG levels are on a rise during the first eight to eleven weeks, dropping eventually during the latter part of the pregnancy. Blood tests determine the presence of this, wherein the positive and negative come into play, to detect its traces, which determine if a woman is pregnant or not. We look into the blighted ovum signs, along with the causes of this phenomenon.

Blighted Ovum Causes

When a woman experiences a miscarriage in the first trimester, the cause for this has nothing to do with what she did, but what the body does to itself as a random occurrence, that cannot be foreseen. Doctors imply that there is an abnormality with chromosomes, either within the egg or sperm, which gets in the way of further development of the embryo. Find out more on, what can cause a miscarriage to know more. The body reacts to certain changes and differences it may be experiencing, leading it to snuff the growth of the embryo. This doesn't necessarily mean that future pregnancies will be unsuccessful, although women should have themselves checked out for any problems that may lead them to experience this in the long run. Sometimes a single embryo can develop and grow, while another stops in its tracks, like in the case of a twin embryo situation. This is then termed as a blighted twin, since the blighted ovum doesn't hinder the growth and development of the second embryo present.

Blighted Ovum Symptoms

Some women will have significant sensations when pregnant, due to the production of hCG, as the body readies itself for the embryo's growth. Read further into, missed miscarriage symptoms. For women who experience certain hormonal changes, these can either go unnoticed by her, or is very much evident if she's had herself tested. The signs one will feel are.
Tender breasts
Feeling nauseous
Missed period
Due to all these positive signs of a woman experiencing a pregnancy, the major sign of a blighted ovum, is when her period comes days later, only heavier this time. This is because the uterine lining is being flushed out, as the body puts itself through a mini miscarriage. When doctors do check again for a fetal heartbeat, none is heard, signaling to the mother that the embryo didn't make it. The ultrasound will prove this point, when the gestational sac, that is the blighted ovum, is empty, with no signs of a fetus.

Blighted Ovum Treatment

Now that the symptoms of a blighted ovum have been speculated, we now look into what options women have in order to help themselves witness a successful pregnancy. In some cases not all of the pregnancy tissue is cleared out, in this case, a procedure known as D & C is done, which is dilation and curettage, where a woman is put under an anesthesia, as doctors surgically remove the tissue accumulation, with regard to the miscarriage. Doctors carry this out when hCG levels haven't subsided, or keep rising and falling on several occasions. Due to this, all the woman's placental remnants are removed, so as to get her body back to its normal state. There is no risk of having repetitive miscarriages, and woman should understand that these things take place, without her control over the situation. For help on how to avoid this as much as you can, head on to ways to avoid miscarriages.

An early pregnancy miscarriage isn't easy to deal with, especially for those who've wanted to have babies, and have been trying for so long. A blighted ovum is really a bodily occurrence than a fault that is brought on from the outside. You can still try ways on avoiding this situation, by taking care of your health during that time of planning a conception. I wish you luck.