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Chemical Pregnancy Causes

Chemical Pregnancy Causes
Hearing a lot about chemical pregnancies lately? Want to know the chemical pregnancy causes? In this article you will find all the chemical pregnancy causes that lead to this early pregnancy failure. Read on to find out more...Chemical Pregnancy is basically the medical term for a very early miscarriage, one that happens before the sixth week. In most cases, the expecting mother will see a positive pregnancy test and will also get all the early pregnancy symptoms which are explained more in detail below. However, the pregnancy is gradually terminated naturally due to various chemical pregnancy causes. People often wonder what causes early miscarriage, not knowing that most of the causes are not obviously noticed. If there is a miscarriage before the sixth week, like in the case of a blighted ovum, a doctor is the best person to tell you what exactly caused it. So, let us first see what is a chemical pregnancy in detail and then proceed to the chemical pregnancy causes.

What is Chemical Pregnancy Exactly?

Sometimes, women test themselves at home to know if they're expecting. If they do this around the time when their period is due, the test might show positive. This is because most of the miscarriages happen in these few days before a woman gets her period. Most women,who do not check themselves for being pregnant don't even understand that they have had a miscarriage. This is normal in most cases, but if you are experiencing this situation time and again, it is something to worry about. The recurrent chemical pregnancy causes are more different than the normal ones and it is advisable that you visit your doctor soon. There are no chemical pregnancy symptoms as such but some women may feel the usual common normal pregnancy symptoms for a few days. When you see the pregnancy and get it confirmed by a sonography where you can also see the gestational sac, it is termed as a 'clinical pregnancy'. Let us now proceed to the chemical pregnancy causes.

What are the Chemical Pregnancy Causes?

When the egg is fertilized but doesn't implant itself, it leads to a chemical pregnancy. Most of the chemical pregnancies are a result of some abnormal chromosomal problems. These can be due to any hormonal disturbances or simple changes while expecting early on. However, these are in most cases temporary and there should be no problem conceiving after miscarriage again. Another one of the chemical pregnancy causes is an infection. An infection may lead to a very early miscarriage. This infection can, however, be treated by antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. However, consultation is a must. Sometimes, even an ectopic pregnancy might be the cause wherein the egg fertilizes and also implants itself but, outside the uterine cavity. In this case, it is very necessary to know that a full miscarriage has taken place. Genetic defects is another one of the chemical pregnancy causes. A few genetic defects from the parents' or even not-so-closely-related people can lead to a chemical pregnancy, though you need to be very sure about this one. Then, uterine abnormalities can also be one of the chemical pregnancy causes wherein there are issues with the uterus such as fibroids being present in the uterus at the time of implantation. These can be detected through tests.

Now that you know these chemical pregnancy causes, be patient when you test positive the next time on the home pregnancy tests. There are many reasons why a woman may have to go through a chemical pregnancy and there is no reason to be upset about it as most causes of chemical pregnancy are not the fault of the mother. As I have said before, it is very necessary to consult a doctor for the first six weeks of your pregnancy as chances of miscarriage are the maximum then. Don't think too much into it and just allow nature to take its own course. Take Care!