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Why Can't I Get Pregnant

Why Can't I Get Pregnant
Why can't I get pregnant? Find answers to this query by reading the following article and understanding the whole process of getting pregnant and conceiving.If you have been trying for a baby for over a year now and have been unsuccessful without any apparent reason, you must be wondering, "Why can't I get pregnant?" Women who have had a miscarriage or an abortion may also have difficulty conceiving again. So if you are one such woman and are thinking," why can't I get pregnant after an abortion?", below are some of the possible reasons behind your inability to conceive.

Causes of Infertility

Age Factor
As men and women age, it becomes more and more difficult for them to get pregnant. When women turn thirty five, their frequency and quality of ovulation is greatly affected. The eggs that are released by the ovaries every month as well as the woman's internal hormones may no longer be as suitable for fertilization as they were when the woman was younger. As far as the men are concerned, their semen count can considerably reduce after they turn forty. So, if you and your partner fall in the age brackets mentioned here, it could give you another reason for asking, "why can't I get pregnant?"

Frequency of Sex
If you are wondering, "why can't I get pregnant the second time?", the reason could be that you are not having sex more often. Often times it is seen that couples limit their sexual activity to the weekends or just once in a fortnight. Since there is lesser intercourse, chances of the woman getting pregnant become less too. Also, having sex at the right time, ie knowing exactly when are women most fertile and then having intercourse during that period is important too. Calculate it correctly and you will no longer have to ask yourself, "why can't I get pregnant?"

Smoking and Alcohol
When a man smokes or drinks too much, his sperm count reduces and thus, it will be difficult for him or take longer for him to make a woman pregnant. Smoking brings down the energy levels too, so the ability to have sex is reduced by smoking in excess too. Researches have shown that if either of the partners consumes more than four units of an alcoholic beverage in a week, it brings down the chances of that couple's getting pregnant by about a third.

Diseases and Medical Problems
If either of the partners suffers from diseases such as diabetes, thyroid problems or an underlying sexually transmitted disease, it can lead to infertility. Endometriosis, a condition in which the endometrium, the tissue from the uterus's lining starts growing in places which are outside the uterus, causing infertility, is another of the medical conditions which can make getting pregnant difficult. Uterine structural problems, blocked fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts may make pregnancies difficult to occur too. If a woman wonders, "why can't I get pregnant after a miscarriage?" the reason could be an infection in the uterus or scarring of the uterine lining.

Unhealthy Diet and Lack of Exercise
It is very essential that both the partners are eating a healthy balanced diet, with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Any kind of deficiency in the body, or if the woman is underweight or overweight due to wrong eating habits and lack of exercise, can affect her menstrual cycle. This can make getting pregnant difficult. See to it that your diet provides you with enough zinc and folic acid. Zinc keeps the sperms produced good in quality while folic acid prepares a woman's body for pregnancy by adding to the number of red blood cells.

Stress and Anxiety
If either of the partners is under some stress, it can reduce the chances of pregnancy. For women, too much of stress can cause irregularity in their periods, thus making pregnancy difficulty.

According to statistics, around thirty percent of couples who are unable to get pregnant, may actually never find out the reason behind their infertility. And, there is actually nothing that they can do about it if the problems causing infertility in them remain undiagnosed. So, instead of harping on getting pregnant and worrying about it thinking, "why can't I get pregnant?" just enjoy your sex life and let nature take its course.