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Increase Fertility Chances

Increase Fertility Chances
Fertility factor of both men and women is responsible for healthy conception. There are certain ways to increase fertility chances without external aid. Read ahead to know the details.Pregnancy brings about a different emotional closeness and intimacy between you and your partner. One of the most vital factors governing pregnancy is the fertility quotient of both of you, together. This is further dependent on your lifestyle and the relationship you share with your partner. Apart from medical complications that reduced rate of fertility, there are certain things that help to increase fertility chances. The next segment shall give you the general guidelines on how to increase your conceiving potential.

Increasing Fertility Chances - Know How

Studies have revealed that fertility chances is dependent 40% on female factors and the rest on male. Sometimes, genetic disorders in both men and women decrease chances of fertility which leads to complications in pregnancy and reduce conceiving capability. If both of you are blessed with good health, you can always follow the genuine tips mentioned below to increase fertility chances.

Right Diet
Functions of reproductive system of both men and women are dependent on hormones. A balanced diet helps to regulate hormones, thereby providing complete nourishment to reproductive system. A fertility booster diet should consist of foods high in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Iron, Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin E help to improve motility of sperms. If you are planning to have a baby, stop consuming foods that contain trans fat and foods that are positioned low in the glycemic index (GI) chart. You should consume plenty of fresh juice, salads and green vegetables to boost up your immune system as well to elevate hormonal activity.

Keep a check if you are into the habit of consuming alcohol or smoking. Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and beverages always have adverse effects on hormones, thereby, decreasing chances of getting pregnant. They also decrease the number of viable sperms. This is a very important factor that should be taken care of in order to increase fertility over 40 and to improve chances of pregnancy.

Conceiving Time
Doctors normally say that the most fertile period in women is 15-20 days after completion of menstrual cycle. Ovulation takes place during this time and the ovum is just released to the fallopian tube. Chances of getting pregnant is most during this period as sperms can easily make their way through and fertilize the ovum. You can also keep a track using a fertility monitor or ovulation predictor test kits. This is very advantageous to increase fertility in women, as it helps you to know your most fertile days.

Right Position
When you decide to have a baby, ensure that you maintain the correct position while making love. Sexual positions make much difference in conceiving. Deposition of sperms close to cervix improves chances of pregnancy. The best way to ensure this, is to have sex in missionary position with your partner above you. Deep penetration from rear entry is one of the most effective position for successful conception. This posture prevents semen leakage and aids in deposition of sperms close to cervix.

Natural Way
You should never be dependent on pills to increase chances of fertility, unless you are suffering from any serious disorders or if you are under medical care. There are certain herbs that increase fertility naturally. Herbs like, Maca, Damiana herb, Tribulus and Vitex step up frequency of ovulation by stimulating hormonal activity. Tribulus plays a key role in enhancing vitality of sperms, while Vitex is most commonly used to treat infertility problems. It restores balance of progesterone and estrogen and maintains the activity of pituitary gland.

I hope this article has sufficed you with all information to increase fertility chances. Last but not the least, I would suggest you to lead a healthy love life free from stress and strain, amidst laughter and merry. All the Best!