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Infertility in Women

Infertility in Women
Infertility in women is either due to unhealthy lifestyle or due to disorders of the reproductive system. Read on to know the details.The anatomy of women is complex. Changing lifestyle has given rise to many health disorders in women, the most prominent is infertility. Infertility in women might be due to a number of reasons. Age plays an important role to determine fertility. Hormones controlling the functions of the reproductive system also determine the the fertility factor in a woman. Unhygienic environment, exposure to chemicals and rays have a negative impact on the reproductive organs. Bad eating habits and filthy lifestyle are also responsible for infertility in women. The infertility in women reasons and symptoms are elaborated below.

Infertility in Women: Causes

Excessive smoking and drinking due to stressful life is one of the main cause of infertility in the present generation women. Continuous use of laptop while placing it over thighs or abdomen affects the reproductive system. The rays emitted by electronic gadgets have the ability to damage the ovaries. Exposure to carcinogens, allergens and radioactive elements triggers the rate of infertility. These were the environmental factors responsible for infertility in women. Signs of ovarian cancer increases due to prolonged exposure to these harmful elements.

The most common medically diagnosed reason for infertility is endometriosis. This happens when the tissue forming the uterus lining extends to the pelvic cavity instead of forming the uterus. The egg quality also determines fertility factor. Women secreting eggs containing abnormal chromosomes are likely to suffer from infertility. Inflammation of the pelvic gland affects the reproductive system. Sexually transmitted diseases (herpes virus) are to a large extent responsible for infertility in a woman. Infertility at early age occurs mostly due to non sterile abortions. Women diagnosed with multiple ovarian cysts might become infertile if compete damage to the ovaries has taken place. This usually happens due to high amount of male hormone (testosterone) in a female's body. Tumors in fallopian tubes block the movement of eggs decreasing chances of successful fertilization. Under serious condition, tumors become malignant and the fallopian tube needs to be separated from the body.

Infertility in Women: Symptoms

Symptoms of infertility varies according to age. A study in the US has shown that about 10 % of women between the age group 15-44 are suffering from infertility. The risk of infertility is high when a woman reaches the age 30. Infertility in women under 30 is marked by irregular periods and extreme cramp in abdomen during the onset of menstrual cycle. As said by doctors, a woman's fertility begins to decline at the age of 27. Thus, infertility in women over 30 becomes more likely. A woman loses the power to conceive. Even if successful pregnancy takes place, chances of miscarriage is high after 30 years. Other symptoms of infertility in women are painful intercourse, excessive vaginal bleeding during menstruation cycle and severe pelvic pain.

The symptoms become more prominent after the age of 40. Hormonal imbalances causes ovary failure, marked by a strange pain gripping the lower abdomen. Premature ovarian failure takes place due to rise in the level of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone and drop in the level of estrogen. The symptoms of infertility in women over 40 are diagnosed by various tests. The tests also monitor functioning of thyroid glands. The tissue samples collected, detect defects in the luteal phase, halt of ovulation and premature ovarian failure. Clomiphene challenge test is a fertility drug used to test ovarian reserve and to measure the level of follicle stimulating hormone. The symptoms of autoimmune disorders like, diabetes and hyperthyroidism are also responsible for infertility in women.

Medical science is making a constant effort to find alternatives for infertility in women. Women unable to conceive, undergo in vitro fertilization and hormonal replacement therapy to normalize the hormonal imbalances. Techniques like artificial insemination, test tube babies and adoption of surrogates have helped to overcome the mental torture women face, of being infertile. Apart from these, women should value the importance of motherhood and should never succumb to unhealthy lifestyle that pose a threat to fertility.