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Menstruation Cycle Problem

Menstruation Cycle Problem
Normal menstruation cycle of a woman is of 28 days. Hence the date of onset of menses changes accordingly. But totally irregular menstruation can be a matter of concern. The irregularity in the date of menstruation period may indicate a problem with the ovulation. If the menstruation cycle starts before 24 days and after 36 days from the date of last menstruation period then it may indicate the possibility of infertility. Many women may also observe more than one menstruation in a month. Early menopause is considered to be one of the cause for menstruation cycle problem and is usually responsible for infertility in women over 30. Consult a doctor immediately if you observe irregular periods consequently for more than 2 months.

Some women may experience excessive bleeding in their menstruation. This can be a sign of infertility but it's not necessary that all the women who experience excessive bleeding have infertility problem. Very less bleeding during period is also a mater of concern. If you observe excessive or very less bleeding for more than two menstruation cycle then consult a doctor immediately.

Pain During Intercourse and Periods
Periods are quite painful but if the pain becomes unbearable with cramps and abdominal pain then its better to consult a doctor. This may be because of the scar tissue formation in the fallopian tube which may lead to blockage and sever pain. Apart from periods, if the women experiences severe pain during the intercourse then this can also be an indication of infertility in women. Women should keep an eye on these symptoms and should take regular advice from an expert.

Repeated Miscarriages
Repeated miscarriages which take place within 20 weeks of pregnancy can be a sign of infertility. It's not necessary that they are totally because of the infertility as there are 'n' number of reasons for miscarriages. But, yes it is one of the signs of infertility.

Hormonal Imbalance
Hormonal imbalance can indicate towards infertility problems in women. Estrogen fluctuation can contribute a lot to the symptoms of infertility in women. These can be noticed by unusual weight gain, excessive facial hair growth, chronic acne, etc. If you are not able to control all these conditions, then its time for a medical assistance.

If you observe any of the above given infertility symptoms in women then consult a doctor immediately. Do not lose hope if you are detected with infertility, as you have the option for infertility treatment in women which may comprise of medications, injections or surgeries. Try to get rid of symptoms of infertility in women as soon as possible. So, I will end up with a request to all the male readers out there, please support your better half at this difficult time as infertility and depression goes hand in hand. Help her to overcome this situation and tell her that nothing can change your love for her.