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Low Testosterone in Women

Low Testosterone in Women
Women and sexual complications make a dense web. The following is one thread of concern, discussing low testosterone in women.Health concerns in women need special attention, especially when the underlying issue is directly related to her womanhood, it becomes even more crucial. Sexuality and related concerns are becoming important, with women becoming more frank and open about these concerns. There are three main hormones that complete a woman's sexuality. They are – progesterone, testosterone and estrogen. Among these hormones, testosterone is a steroid hormone that is produced in the ovaries in women. Hormones in the brain, when released, signal the production of testosterone. Testosterone is considered as the male hormone, majorly produced in men. However, it is also produced in women, though in very few amounts as compared to males. Any imbalance in this steroid hormone can create changes and problems in a woman's health. Low testosterone in women is one issue that is increasing. We will understand the role of testosterone, what causes low testosterone in women, and also its effects, in the facts below.