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Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction Woman sexual disfunction is name the often meeting state, biological, psychological and interpersonality factors operating sometimes in difficult combination play an equal role in the origin of that. Female sexual dysfunction is a serious and very widespread problem of modern that renders large influence on normal life of women. Female sexual dysfunction is established more than at one third of women leading sexual life. A woman sexual reaction includes a libido, excitation, orgasm, satisfaction. The lowered sexual desire meets at 30% sexually active women. Different emotional factors, anhornomia, endocrinopathy, pregnancy, lactation, reception of hormonal contraceptives, can result in the decline of libido. The American institute of national health promulgated data that to three fourths of all women suffer the in one or another measure expressed sexual disfunction. Frigidity is a sexual coldness of woman. Sometimes such violations of appetence are related to the boredom and routine in sexual relations. So, frigidity can be divided on: temporal and permanent, and also primary and secondary.
Anorgazmia it is violations of orgasm or his absence, meets more often, than frigidity, mainly for women masculine orgasm is related to the process. Anorgazmia of woman test a libido, but does not arrive at an orgasm and remain dissatisfied. This state can be caused by both sexual inexperience and insufficient excitation. At the protracted absence of orgasm a libido goes out usually. Frequency of origin of Anorgazmia depends on age and duration of regular sexual life. For many women first an orgasm arises up only, and at majority after 10-15 of regular sexual life. As a result to 90% neuroses for women are related to their sexual dissatisfaction. Absence of orgasm at sexual intercourse is usually caused by such factors, as an anxiety, insufficient heartfelt closeness of partners, mistrust, and subzero self-appraisal. Vaginizm is unintentional (unconscious), convulsive reduction of surrounding included in the vagina of muscles at the attempt of feasance of sexual intercourse. Unintentional vaginal reflex is a − spasm of smooth musculature of outward one third of vagina that can be caused by both the attempt of sexual connection (entrance or approach of member to the vagina) and at the attempt of penetration of other objects, for example, fingers of gynecologist or even own hands of woman. There is reduction of muscles, a spasm does practically impossible feasance of sexual intercourse, there is great pain, a partner cannot get to the vagina through so compressed opening, and retests give an effect to the feed-back of pain and discomfort, the already existent conditioned reflex (the organism of woman tries to ward off sickly influence, answering yet prepotent tension of muscles) becomes stronger.