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Blood Clots in Period

Blood Clots in Period
Blood clots in period is very common, however it is actually not a problem. To know all about blood clots during period, read on...From the time a girl gets her first period, to many years after it, all questions and confusions about menstruation are not answered. This is mainly because of awkwardness and embarrassment. But these unanswered doubts leads to unnecessary tensions. One such question is about blood clots during period. Many women have to face the problem of blood clots in period, unlike many other problems faced during problems, this problem is not discussed. Due to this every girl feels that she is the only one who has blood clots in period and freaks out. However this is not true, there are many women who face the same problem, however not all of them pass blood clots which is why it is not discussed about. Clumps of uterus lining that are passed with blood are commonly known as blood clots. A woman's body releases anticoagulants to prevent clogging of menstrual blood, but if the period is heavy, anticoagulants do not get enough time to perform their function, which is why clots get formed. This was just one basic blood clot cause. The following are some other causes of blood clots in period.

Causes of Blood Clots in Period
Enlarged Uterus: This cause of menstrual blood clots applies to new moms only. A woman's uterus expands itself to accommodate the growing fetus. After childbirth the uterus shrinks to its normal size, just as it had expanded. However sometimes it does not shrink, which is why blood pools inside and then passes when you have a period. Now there might be gap between the time it gets collected in the uterus to the time it is passed out, which is why blood clots form.
Miscarriage: Miscarriage and blood clots are closely related. Past history of miscarriage can be a reason of blood clots during period. If one is passing blood clots and there is a possibility of pregnancy, one should immediately contact the gynecologist as there might a possibility of miscarriage. As stated earlier, blood clots in period after miscarriage are common, so one should consult a gynecologist during the next pregnancy.
Endometriosis: Endometriosis is a medical condition which causes hormonal changes, which lead to menstrual blood clots. What happens in this condition is that a tissue, which is supposed to grow on the lining of the uterus, grows at some other place instead. If endometriosis is the cause of blood clots, one needs to take proper treatment from an experienced gynecologist.
Leiomyomas: Leiomyomas, also known as uterine fibroid are non-cancerous tumor that are formed in the womb. One of the symptom of leiomyomas can be blood clots. If the fibroid are small, there might be no symptoms at all.
Blockage: If due to some reason the menstrual blood gets obstructed, one might notice blood clots in period. Menopause or benign polyps can be two reasons behind this. Benign polyps change the flow of blood during menstruation, which is why clots might form. And during menopause, the cervical canal might become smaller due to lowered estrogen levels which leads to menstruation blood clots.
Medication: Certain medications like steroids or anti coagulants can also cause blood clots during menstruation. Oral contraceptive pills can also cause blood clots during period as they bring about a change in the normal hormonal balance of the body.
This was all about blood clots in period. As you must have observed, blood clots during periods most of the times is natural, so you do not need freak out. However if the clots are bigger than a quarter, it is better to see your gynecologist as only she will be able to detect underlying problem of the large blood clots in period, if any.