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When is a Woman Most Fertile

When is a Woman Most Fertile
Knowing about the most fertile days in a woman's cycle can certainly improve your chances of getting pregnant. Know when is a woman most fertile, in this article.A woman is fertile for only a few days in a month. Knowing the most fertile time of the month is very important if you are trying to get pregnant. However, not many couples are aware of this fact. As a result, they may miss this most important time of the month, and have to wait for the next month. This article shall help any woman who is seeking an answer to the question 'when am I most fertile'. However, before we tell you when is a woman most fertile, it will be beneficial to understand a few facts about fertility of women.

Understanding a Woman's Fertility

When are women most fertile? Women in the age group of 21 to 26 are said to be most fertile. Although, a woman is said to have attained a reproductive age, when she gets her first menstrual cycle, her cycles are still arrhythmic which reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Commencement of menstruation is only an indication that she can now reproduce. Every month, the female ovaries release a mature ovum or egg, which needs to be fertilized by a male sperm, for pregnancy to happen. The process of releasing a mature egg from the ovaries is called as ovulation. In the absence of the sperm, the egg disintegrates and is expelled out of the body during menstruation. The egg remains viable only for a day. Hence, in technical sense, the woman is fertile only for a day in the whole month! However, the process of ovulation does offer a fertile window of 2-3 days. This is because, the sperms have a longer viability. They can live up to 3-5 days inside a woman's body. Thus, having an intercourse a couple of days before ovulation also offers you good chances of getting pregnant in that month. Thus, you can say that a woman is fertile for 2-3 days around the time of ovulation which is the most fertile time to get pregnant. Also read on conception calculator based on due date.

How to Find the Most Fertile Time for Women

Now that you know when are you most fertile, you would also like an answer to the question 'when am I ovulating exactly'. In an ideal cycle of 28 days, a woman ovulates at around 13th or 14th day of her cycle. However, most women have cycles in varying length, in the range of 25 to 36 days. Hence, the most fertile days to get pregnant also vary in that regard. There are several ways in which you can find your ovulation days. One way is to maintain a chart of basal body temperature. Every morning record your basal body temperature, for a whole month. You will find that it surges during certain days of the month. The time around which you notice a surge in your chart is your ovulation time. You may have to continue this exercise for at least 3 months, to get an idea about the best days to get pregnant in your case. However, this is a highly unreliable way of finding out when does ovulation occur and how long does ovulation last. Instead you can monitor your cervical mucus and keep a tab on its consistency. Around the time of ovulation it becomes transparent and resembles as egg white. You should have an intercourse during these days, if you want to get pregnant. Ovulation kits can also be of great help for knowing when is a woman most fertile.

After reading this article, when is a woman most fertile should be less of a mystery to you. However, remember that every woman is different and may have a different cycle. The information given in this article is based of general observation and may or may not apply to your individual case. Hence, it is best to determine your own fertile window by any of the above mentioned methods.