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Vaginal dryness

Vaginal drynessVaginal dryness it is a problem perturbing practically all women during afterwards. Supervisions show that 50% women in age from 40 60 to from time to time run into this problem. In medical literature having the name "Atrophic vaginitis" - insufficient moistening of vagina. Women that suffer vaginal dryness are very often afraid of carnal knowledge, and, in the total, avoid sex. Mainly it is related to that absence of greasing in a vagina can do sexual intercourse sickly. Initially the amount of the vaginal greasing for all women is different. Most women do not notice the presence of vaginal liquid, except the cases of sexual excitation. According from a clinic at University of the name of Washington (city Washington, district of Columbium), a vagina is arranged so that there was a micro flora in him. It has an own biological mechanism of bacterial control - as a rule, this maintenance of natural level of acidity.

Vaginal atrophy

Vaginal atrophyMany prophetic about that our mothers never talk to us. So many prophetic, about that we never talk even to the friends. One of things is vaginal atrophy. From 75 to 90% women in the period of run into the problem of vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy often becomes reason of sexual problems and promotes the risk of origin of infection of the urogenital system. So that vaginal atrophy? In the period the level of estrogen goes down for women, those results in thinning of vaginal fabrics. The included in a vagina becomes already and harder, the amount of vaginal secret goes down and, consequently, there is dryness. A sexual closeness causes discomfort, up to the sickly feeling, and many women begin to avoid having sex. How women must decide this problem? Foremost, they must have the opportunity freely to talk about sex with the gynaecologist that will advise and will pick up the vaginal greasing and humectants, removing dryness of vagina.

Treatments for female sexual dysfunction

Treatments for female sexual dysfunctionPrevalence of woman sexual disorders is usually underestimated. Women at that disfunction is marked on the phase of excitation have also usually violations on the phase of orgasm. In one research conducted on relatively happy domestic pairs, it is discovered that 33% women have violations of sexual excitation. The woman sexual braking is related to many psychological factors. Psychological conflicts can be expressed through braking of sexual excitation and orgasm; they will come into question in the division sanctified to disfunctions of phase of orgasm. For some women of disorder of phase of excitation related with absence of desire. Physiological researches of disfunction showed that hormonal can endow in character of reactivity of women suffering a parafunction on the phase of excitation. Masters and Johnson discovered that women with normal reactivity are especially located to the sexual relations before the beginning of menstruation. Women with disfunction usually feel most sexual excitation at once after menstruation or during ovulation. Change of levels estrogens and thyroxine also influences on disorders of excitation for women. Preparations, reducing moods, can be used in medicinal therapy.

Pain during sex

Pain during sexPain at sex it is a problem, with that clash both beginning sexual life of girl and the experienced women. Not always they guess to appeal with this complaint to the doctor - the first suppose that at the beginning it is a norm (but how many can last beginning?), the second analyse, that with a past partner such was not, business means in a man or in " incompatibility" and all as a result experience feeling interpreted literally into itself, not getting a help. After a while an organism gets used to pain as to given and begins to wait her beforehand - pavlovian reflex is fastened - a woman begins to be afraid and avoid a closeness or feel pain even then, when reason is removed, and doctors tell her "nothing must" not be ill but she remembers that in this situation was ill - and an organism gives out the expected feeling from the archives of memory. Main reason is fear.

Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction Woman sexual disfunction is name the often meeting state, biological, psychological and interpersonality factors operating sometimes in difficult combination play an equal role in the origin of that. Female sexual dysfunction is a serious and very widespread problem of modern that renders large influence on normal life of women. Female sexual dysfunction is established more than at one third of women leading sexual life. A woman sexual reaction includes a libido, excitation, orgasm, satisfaction. The lowered sexual desire meets at 30% sexually active women. Different emotional factors, anhornomia, endocrinopathy, pregnancy, lactation, reception of hormonal contraceptives, can result in the decline of libido. The American institute of national health promulgated data that to three fourths of all women suffer the in one or another measure expressed sexual disfunction. Frigidity is a sexual coldness of woman. Sometimes such violations of appetence are related to the boredom and routine in sexual relations. So, frigidity can be divided on: temporal and permanent, and also primary and secondary.

Female sexual dysfunction causes

Female sexual dysfunction causesWoman sexual disfunction is sexual problem or sexual disfunction is a problem arising up in any phase of cycle of the sexual reacting that interferes with a man or pair to enjoy sexual activity. The cycle of the sexual reacting has four phases: excitation, plateau, orgasm and discharging. Scientists suppose although, that sexual disfunction is widespread (43% women and 31% men are marked by difficulties of different family), many people do not want to discuss this theme. Fortunately, most cases of sexual disfunction respond to treatment, therefore it is very important to discuss experiencing with a partner and doctor. Sexual disfunction can arise up as a result of physical or psychological problem. Physical reasons are the great number of physical and/or medical problems can result in sexual problems. These diseases include: diabetes mellitus, neurological diseases, hormonal disbalance, chronic diseases of buds, and refuse of liver, alcoholism and drug addiction. In addition, the side effects of certain medicinal preparations, including antidepressants, can influence on a sexual desire and sexual function. Psychological reasons are include the stress related to work, anxiety, experiencing about sexual actions, problems in mutual relations, depression, and sense of guilt and influence of sexual trauma from the past. Both men and women are subject to sexual disfunction.

Female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunctionA sexual dysfunction is a problem of any phase of the sexual response cycle that causes the individual or couple from miss facing satisfaction from the sexual activity. The sexual response cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.Female sexual dysfunction is a nasty of many women at some point in their lives. For some women, sexual dysfunction can be a lifelong problem, for some it can happen later in life after you've experienced a period of satisfactory functioning. As any other dysfunction of organism, it has many possible symptoms and causes. Fortunately, modern technologies in medicine and experience of doctors make them all treatable. There are many problems that can keep a woman from enjoying sex, some of them are lack of sexual desire, inability to become aroused, lack of orgasm, climax, painful intercourse.
These problems may have both physical and psychological causes. Physical causes include diabetes, heart disease, nerve disorders or hormone problems, emotional changes that occur during or after pregnancy, while breastfeeding or, very importantly, during and after the menopause. Psychological mean work-related stress and anxiety, depression, relationship problems, past sexual trauma. Medicine knows cases when some kind of drugs affected desire and function.

Female Sexual Dysfunction can Cause from Bi-cycle too

Female Sexual Dysfunction can Cause from Bi-cycle too
Not only male but female also has a risk of sexual dysfunction from bi-cycle. Spending time on bi-cycle was associated with ED in men but now also to female.
Bicycling is sometimes an interesting sports play for different people. Moreover, female generation is also attracted toward it, which leads to difficulty in their sexual health. Women who cycle and spin will experience the senseless, which often can happen via on a regular bicycle seats. Cycle seats were been created such that weight generally is situated about the nasal area with the seat, which can shrink nervousness as well as veins in the sexual organs. That face men, this kind of raises the likelihood of erection dysfunction, something that has documented inside studies regarding male police officers in bicycle patrol.

Sexual Health: Female Pain During Sex

Sexual Health: Female Pain During Sex
Intercourse pain, or dyspareunia, can cause problems in a couples sexual relationship. Painful intercourse can have negative emotional effects in addition to the physical pain, so the problem should be addressed as soon as it becomes evident.

Menopause Vaginal Dryness

Menopause Vaginal Dryness
As you read this page, 4 out of 5 American women are dealing with at least some amount of uncomfortable menopause vaginal dryness, a result of vaginal atrophy. That makes it a more common problem than yeast or bladder infection!